The Internet Reacts To Overwatch’s Animated Short About D.Va

The Internet Reacts To Overwatch’s Animated Short About D.Va

After two years of waiting, Overwatch hero D.Va finally has her own animated short. While some people wish it gave a little more insight into her backstory, everyone can agree that D.Va is a selfless, precious angel who has never done anything wrong.

Hana “D.Va” Song is an incredibly popular character, to the point of becoming a symbol of a feminist movement in Korea.

Until now, we’ve had almost no insight into her character other than that she’s a gamer and she rides a mech. After this latest short, called “Shooting Star,” we now know she’s a self-sacrificing workaholic with PTSD. Hooray?

While this short gives some bread crumbs on D.Va’s backstory – she works with a squad of other mech pilots, and it seems that Korean news often fudges the truth when it comes to her personality and the injuries she sustains – it doesn’t do much to solidify any lore for this character.

Some fans have expressed frustration that after two years, D.Va and much of the rest of Overwatch universe still feels like a blank slate. Others are just happy that D.Va finally has a freaking short.


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