The Internet Reacts To Overwatch's Animated Short About D.Va

Screenshot: Overwatch, Blizzard

After two years of waiting, Overwatch hero D.Va finally has her own animated short. While some people wish it gave a little more insight into her backstory, everyone can agree that D.Va is a selfless, precious angel who has never done anything wrong.

Hana “D.Va” Song is an incredibly popular character, to the point of becoming a symbol of a feminist movement in Korea.

Until now, we’ve had almost no insight into her character other than that she’s a gamer and she rides a mech. After this latest short, called “Shooting Star,” we now know she’s a self-sacrificing workaholic with PTSD. Hooray?

While this short gives some bread crumbs on D.Va’s backstory - she works with a squad of other mech pilots, and it seems that Korean news often fudges the truth when it comes to her personality and the injuries she sustains - it doesn’t do much to solidify any lore for this character.

Some fans have expressed frustration that after two years, D.Va and much of the rest of Overwatch universe still feels like a blank slate. Others are just happy that D.Va finally has a freaking short.


    I too enjoyed Overwatches "Pacific Rim - Shooting Star" animated short

    Geez, some of those folks sure like to complain. I enjoyed it.

    I enjoyed it but god damn, can we please get some sort of story progression happening? Plot-wise, we're exactly where we were at Launch.

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