The Uncharted Movie Is ‘Subject To Schedule’ And Close To Shooting

The Uncharted Movie Is ‘Subject To Schedule’ And Close To Shooting

While the Uncharted fan film was very good indeed, it’s worth noting that Tom Holland is waiting on the sidelines to play Nathan Drake in a proper, feature-length film. And according to Canadian director Shawn Levy, it’s not far off from shooting.

Levy gave a short update on the Uncharted movie in a lengthy interview with The Playlist, which predominately focused on the Stranger Things series.

Towards the end, Levy was asked if Uncharted was closer to shooting than the Starman remake, which Levy is also directing. Levy replied that he was “very excited” about Uncharted, although directing season three of Stranger Things was “every bit as gratifying” in the meantime:

I mean, as of right now, the closest to the starting line is “Uncharted” in that it’s a massive title. We now have a very good script and we have our star in Tom Holland. That is now subject to schedule and additional casting. But I would say as of right now, that seems to be the most near horizon.

It’s not much, but it’s nice to know that the train is coming closer to the station. Talks about an Uncharted movie have been in the works for years – Mark Wahlberg got tapped at one stage – but it finally seems like, with a good script, star and director in place, Uncharted will finally come to the big screen.

In the interim, there’s always Nathan Fillion’s fan film below. It’s still excellent.


    • Oh god no. Unless this is about a 17 year old version of Nathan this is terrible casting. Holland may be 22 but he looks like a teenager still 🙁

      Side note: Not questioning the guys acting abilities but he just doesn’t fit the image.

      Dammit, just make it with Fillion!

        • I’ve gotta question whether he’d be cheaper than Fillion though. And are they aiming at fans of the game or not?

          I feel like this is the movie industry not understanding gaming fans yet again. “Hey we’re making a movie based on a video game. Let’s get the guy that played the last Spider-man, kids love that and comics are the same as video games right?”

          Hell, I’d take Scott Eastwood over Tom Holland for this role. Moderate star power, without a price tag, and he’s got a more rugged look that matches the game’s lead better.

          • cheaper than Fillion? no way. but 10x more star power at the moment.

            It’s definitely a business decision, Holland is cheap, has huge star power, is young enough so that if it’s successful they can spin it out for 10 years of sequels and is already a known name in China.

          • It’s hard to find accurate figures on salaries for most actors. But I’d be willing to bet that Holland will command more money at the moment for a big movie. His price is going up like crazy. He worked “cheap” on Civil War, but he’s got more money for Spider-man and Infinity War. And you can guarantee that popularity will be leveraged to ask for bigger paycheques in future.

            He’s been doing well in TV for quite a while but movie wise, it’s been a long time. For the last few years about the only time he’s been in movies it’s been as a voice actor 🙁

          • oh for sure, but right now Holland is in that space where the producers of Uncharted can spend relatively less and bank on his Marvel/Disney staying power.

            He’s still really unknown outside of his Marvel appearances, and I bet they went with him to offset Robert Downey Jr’s & Chris Hemsworth’s mahoosive paychecks.

            As much as I love Fillion he’s never really made it outside of nerd-dom. (and if we’re gonna fanboy an actor into the role it’ll always be Nolan North)

          • I’m not sure how much budget comes into it for the Marvel movies, I mean they pretty much expect them to make huge returns. But yeah, Downey’s reputed to have got 50 mil and Hemsworth about 12 mil so saving some money on Holland wouldn’t be hard to believe.

            That said, I think when they cast him for Civil War they really needed a new *young* spider-man that could carry the role for at least a decade. I kinda feel like the actor they were looking for was always going to be a bit of an unknown and therefore cheap. But the “cheap” part was a side bonus.

            I wouldn’t be upset about seeing North in the role either. I mean his voice is obviously perfect 😉 and he wouldn’t look out of place either.

  • Tom Holland?? So I’m guessing it’s set before the games with a younger Drake? Which is probably a better idea than re-creating the storyline from the games…

  • Not sold on choice of actor, especially after seeing nathan fillions version, and the characters general gruff manliness.

    Perhaps the plan is to use him for multiple films like harry potter did?
    He can age with the stories but still look similar enough in 12 yesrs to still be making them? Maybe

  • The actor isn’t the problem, Shawn Levy is. Dude’s a Hollywood yes man who’s never made a good movie in his life.

    • I enjoyed Night at the Museum. It’s a fun kids’ movie. And Real Steel is way better than it should be.

      The dude’s not incompetent. He’s unlikely to turn out a truly great film, but he hasn’t done anything truly awful and at this stage I’d take a “not truly awful” game movie.

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