There's Closed Test Signups For World War 3, If You're Keen

If you'd like to give the game that's trying to take Battlefield on at its own game, then this might take your fancy.

I've received word from the World War 3 developers that they're taking signups for a "technical test", which is basically their equivalent of a closed beta. It's meant to be a strictly NDA affair, so if you do get hands on you won't be able to share gameplay, screenshots or any info outside of the WW3 private forums.

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The signup page, which you can find here, asks for some brief personal info and specs about your gaming machine and habits - how long you play per day, what genres you like, and so on.

"We will be randomly selecting people to take part in our infrastructure and gameplay testing," the devs said in an email. "The access will be granted in waves, so if someone doesn’t get picked at first, there will be a chance to get in during later tests. Every tester will be able to play World War 3 earlier, for free, share their thoughts and suggestions on closed forums and have an opportunity to help us make the game better."

How many Aussies that get through will be interesting, but it might be worth a shot if you want to check out the game before its early access launch later this year. If you want more info, here's the official Discord server and the listing on Steam.


    Ive seen some gameplay. Looks pretty janky but amazing for a studio like this. Hopefully it does well.

    I'm partial to being Keen, Commander Keen that is

    I smashed that sign up. Helps that I can get to the west coast of the US under 150ms these days though.

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