This Extraordinary Fan Animation Sends My Hero Academia Slamming Into Super Smash Bros. 

All-Might requires no thanks! (Image: Funimation)

Plus-Ultra Punch! All-Might is barreling into the reality of Super Smash Bros., and everything is better for it.

In this frankly incredible animation by Doovad Hohdan, audio from My Hero Academia’s English dub collides with CG art that swaps out all the MHA heroes for characters from Super Smash Bros., with Captain Falcon taking on the role of a lifetime as the bombastic, powerful, endlessly heroic All-Might.

The result is a mash-up of anime action with an aesthetic drawn from the Subspace Emissary story mode from Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Like a lot of us here, I’m a fan of My Hero Academia, and this was, frankly, one of the most thrilling things I’ve seen in a fan work in a while. The whole thing, as the kids say, slaps.

You should really watch it below. Hat tip to James Whitbrook, who manages to find us blogs even when he’s just posting on Twitter.


    The style of the animation at the beginning made me realise that Viewtiful Joe would be a perfect fit for Smash Bros.

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