This Sneak Peek At The Adventure Time Final Seasons DVD Is Full Of Fanfic And Pancakes

A scene from the Adventure Time series finale, “Come Along With Me.” (Image: Cartoon Network)

Adventure Time is wrapping up forever on September 4 (with a season 10 finale that’ll have its own soundtrack), but you won’t have to be without it for long. A DVD that collects the final three seasons and all kinds of bells and whistles will also be released, and we have an exclusive sneak peek.

Here’s what’s included, straight from the Cartoon Network:

The Adventure Time: The Final Seasons (8, 9, 10) DVD collection includes 53 episodes, a 44-minute special and a plethora of exclusive bonus content such as an Adventure Time yearbook, animatics, song demos as well as a character art gallery. Additionally, the one-of-a-kind DVD Flame Princess slipcase continues the collectible die-cut slipcases which were released for previous seasons.

Animatics, you say? Basically, the best way to get a peek at the work-in-progress process of an animated show? Yep. Here’s what Adventure Time creator Adam Muto told us about animatic we’re sharing with you today; it’s from a season seven episode and it involves the Ice King and his affection for fan fiction, as well as some very special flapjacks:

Here’s a clip from the "Five Short Tables" animatic, an episode that continued Adventure Time’s exploration of ideas about storytelling and their importance. Head of story Kent Osborne lobbied to keep the working title "Five Short Tables" when alternate titles were suggested. Like harder than I expected he would ... I thought he was kidding.

Check it out!

Damn, we’re gonna miss this show. Adventure Time: The Final Seasons DVD will be out in the US September 4, though an Australian release date hasn't yet been announced. Fortunately, Adventure Time is available to stream on Stan.


    Forget the DVDs, where are the freaking BluRays?

    Seasons 1 - 6 were pretty much on BluRay everywhere (I got mine from the US).

    But Season 7 wasn't on BluRay in the US. I got it on BluRay thanks to Mad Man.

    Wouldn't surprise me if I have to wait for the Australia release for the BluRay.

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