Rewatch Nintendo's Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Here

New stages? A new singleplayer mode? Different offerings for ranked play? Nintendo's about to announce some more Smash details, so let's find out.

The direct contains announcements on new characters, new stages, the ability to have one stage morph into a second mid-fight, new assist trophies and bosses, and some other quality-of-life changes. The menu screen was also briefly teased, albeit with a mode and a dashboard item pixelated, to be revealed at a later date.


    That was one hell of a direct wow.

    I'm not gonna spoil anything if you didn't see it live but holy heck if you didn't see it watch it asap.

      Yeah. They must have had a lot of fun putting that together.

    In lieu of WhitePointer I also won't spoil anything. Watch the thing first, get out of the comments!

    I can't believe that CHARACTER announced got in. Big holy shit moment for me.
    I'm also surprised that FIRST CHARACTER announced got in. I'd been seeing THEM in rumour lists for a while, never expected it would be real.

      I have been whining about FIRST CHARACTER not getting into Smash 4 since before it even came out, I can't believe this is actually happening. AND THEN OTHER CHARACTER, WHAT A REVEAL!

    Those yellow and purple chairs behind him couldn't be a coincidence, you Waluigi teasing bastard. He knows what he's doing.

      It will be announced at the very end of the last video for the game.

      Or probably on dec 6th

    I am beyond pleased that a certain scrapped element of Melee has finally been added to the game :D

    Also holy shit, that training room.

    That was a great direct, eight player party mode is going to be a lot more hectic this time around!

    Geezus. Where will they ever be able to go from here? So refreshing, for once in games ‘Ultimate’ really does mean exactly that - there’s still a few months worth of announcements to come too!

    Jesus Christ dude I can't believe that Simon and Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series are going to be added as new fighters along with Dracula's Castle as a new stage and the fact that Chrom from the Fire Emblem series and Dark Samus from the Metroid series are also going to be added and of course not to mention they are also going to add New Donk City Hall from Super Mario Odyssey along with some more new characters added as Assist Trophies including Zero from CAPCOM'S Mega Man, Sonic the Hedgehog's Knuckles, Chef Kawasaki from Kirby Star Allies which came out for the Switch earlier this year and Rathalos from CAPCOM'S Monster Hunter with CAPCOM'S Monster Hunter Generations coming out later this month. I can't wait for all the excitement and hopefully Masahiro Sakurai will announce new fighters coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate very soon.

    Can't wait to get the amiibos. Also I want a full Castlevania game made by these guys they've just done a wonderful job with these characters.

    So all characters and all stages are already available when you start the game?

    What is the classic mode for?

    I liked the old way of doing things where you had to complete classic with each character to unlock more stuff. Gave you a reason to play.

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