Rewatch Nvidia’s Gamescom Conference Here

Rewatch Nvidia’s Gamescom Conference Here
Image: Kotaku

Gamescom hasn’t officially started, but Nvidia are helping kickstart the week with an event before the show floor opens to press and the public. It’ll be livestreamed, and there is talk aplenty.


MSI Accidentally Spoils Nvidia's RTX 20 Series Reveal

I'm in the middle of a gigantic queue in Cologne, Germany, where thousands of people are gathered to listen to Nvidia's largest event since their GTX 10 series launch. It's expected that the company will announce new hardware - and it's quickly confirmed, after individual journos start getting press releases from MSI minutes before the conference was originally scheduled to begin.

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This time last year, Nvidia rolled out the PC version of Final Fantasy XV, a host of additions to their in-game photography tool Ansel, Destiny 2 on PC and PUBG to show off some new GeForce Experience features.

This year seems substantially bigger, judging by the rumours flying around and the increased quantity of people I’ve already seen since touching down in Cologne. Either way, you’ll be able to catch up on proceedings through the link below. The conference is scheduled to start at 0200 AEST.

As mentioned, I’ll be in Cologne all week, so let me know if you want me to follow anything up and I’ll see what I can do.

The author travelled to Gamescom 2018 as a guest of NVIDIA.


    • Me too, actually. I guess I just got use to thinking about it as the 1180. It does sound better. I’m sure that feeling will fade!

  • I’m usually a proper gamesbiz fanboi and will stay up late for this stuff … but goddamn, 2am is a bit of a stretch on a school night! Maybe I’ll get lucky and the toddler will be up overnight and I’ll ‘volunteer’ myself …

  • HYPE!

    I’ve been waiting all year for this. 2.5yrs is a long time between GPU releases.

    I’ll be going in on a 2080 Ti, then following that up with a ROG 27″ 1440p 165Hz monitor, along with two mounted 24″ 1080p 60Hz secondary monitors. What’s that? A 3K spend (I’ll sell a 1060 and an LG 27″ 1080p 60Hz).

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