What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Hopefully, it'll be something a fraction better than this.

Weekends are good for getting through your backlog, but they're also good for travel. Which is what I'll be doing: I'll be flying out to Cologne for Gamescom next week, and I'll be there for the full week. (Say hi if you're in town!) I'll be doing my usual bits and bobs on the site, of course, but I've also got a full list of appointments and games to check out while I'll be there.

Without going through the full list, I'll be reporting back on Super Mario Party, Valkyria Chronicles 4, Metro Exodus, Forza Horizon 4, and a bunch more. Gamescom is also great for just wandering and trying stuff on the show floor, which is how I came across some of my favourites last year. I'm being flown over by NVIDIA, so there should be a bunch of PC-specific announcements and interviews from that as well.

If there's something in particular you want me to find out more about, let me know here! I'll be on the site as per usual, however, so you can always ping me in TAY or directly on Twitter.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Graveyard Keeper

    I recently picked up Wolfenstein II on the Switch and have been having a blast.

    So I'll probably be playing more of that.

    If you can find out more about jagged alliance rage. That’d be great. I’m hopeful but weary, JA2 is my favourite game, haven’t had anything decent since

    Just finished my first playthrough of Moonlighter. Very enjoyable, i'll spend a little bit of time on that earning some extra trophies.

    Have Valkyria Revolution sitting there in my pile of shame. My initial experience hasn't been too positive but i'd still like to finish the game before Valkyria Chronicles 4 comes out.

    This weekend will, maybe, be Flipping Death.

    It was going to be last weekend, but then life happened! Also a bit more Picross S2, but I've just become hooked on Super Spell Heroes on mobile somehow.

    And finish off Voltron s7, start Disenchantment s1, go to a housewarming, go to a crab-fest, have coffee with the fam, oh god I'm tired already

    Destiny 2 - getting close to that damn t-shirt!!!
    No Man's Sky - Not sure if I want to persist, but will get the ship fixed and hopefully off the planet and see what the universe is like. If no good, back to Elite.
    Might even give Egypt Assassin's a go. Installed this week and maybe a 4k tour is in order...
    And hopefully I will finally finish the Guardians of the Galaxy pinball at Pixel Alley!!

    Just started on Hollow Knight, cannot recommend enough!

    Probably some more Dead Cells. I'm a bit sucky and trying to go through the sewer, it keeps kicking my butt.

    um, Overwatch and maybe Monster Hunter World.

    I guess. Should get back to Octopath too.

    More No Man's Sky. I didn't realise the new update would suck me back in the way it has.

    Hmmm, I'd say some Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita, Madden 19 on PS4, Mirror's Edge Catalyst if I get a bigger chunk of time, and Blood Bowl 2.

    Oh, and been playing a bit of Axis & Allies on PC, as well as making my way through the disturbing story that is Chaos;Head.

    Destiny 2... maybe. After ignoring Iron Banner all season, I figured I'd use the last week to work towards that awesome helmet ornament, but last night's matches were some of the most frustrating games I've ever played in four years of Destiny - I'm not sure it's worth the stress. Might go play some Dead Cells instead... or continue my Minecraft save... or play some Warframe, level some frames I've neglected and try for MR10.

    All Monster Hunter World, all weekend.

    Lovely sale on dlc on xbox so grabbed the AC: Origins stuff so will be mowing through that.

    Hyrule Warriors/Octopath are my backups but really interested in Dead Cells & Cosmic Star Heroine so it’s hard to stay focused!

    I'm playing "entertaining house guests". Hopefully I can sneak in a little gaming after people go to bed. Maybe some Diablo 3 or Mad Max.

    Last week my plan was trying to get further in my half all my half completed games: Danganronpa 2, Breath of the Wild and Kingdom Hearts. Instead, I bought and played Hollow Knight. So, who knows what I'll do this weekend

    Back to Azeroth for me this weekend. Been trying to play all week but work repeatedly got in the way of any decent play time.
    If I get time, Monster Hunter might get some screen time as well.

    Wow been a longtime. Plus some fallout4

    Busting out the Western Legends board game which arrived last week.

    On PC tossing between continuing the Madden 19 trial, some Star Traders Frontiers (sooo good if you like space games) and f1 2017 in anticipation for the new one next week!

    I had a go at that same cricket game on my flight back from Dubai last weekend!
    I gave it an honest go but it was so bad I went back to watching the flight monitor where my plane every so slowly inched its way down to Australia, where I will be playing more Monster Hunter and Dragonball Fighterz this weekend.

    The Walking Dead - the Final Season. Finally!

    Also a bit more Captain Toad.

    Finishing Ys VIII, probably a bit of FFXIV, then who knows?

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