What Are You Playing This Weekend?

It's nice being at the biggest games convention in the West, but you know what the weekend is best for? GOING HOME.

I am genuinely very thrilled at the prospect of returning to my own bed, making dumb noises at Tegan, my slightly dodgy washing machine, and all of the cool people that I miss back home.

Cross-continent flights take a while, mind you. So I'll be keeping busy: along with Hollow Knight, I'm hoping (really hoping) that a code for The Gardens Between arrives by the time you read this story.

Fun fact: the biggest gaming TV show in Germany gave the plucky Aussie indie an award for most innovative game at Gamescom. Not most innovative indie - most innovative game of the whole show. Not bad.

I've also kind of missed a bit of tabletop gaming, although who knows if I'll actually do any of that when I land in Sydney.

What are you playing this weekend?


    Nothing online. NBN has failed me yet again. Anyone out there still listening do not get Fixed Wireless.

    More hollow knight just dropped, so I'm going back in!

    Also tooling around in morphies law, local play only atm. The way skills tie in with the mass is interesting.

    And also trying to finish octopath before MHXX drops next week.

    I'll be checking out the Valkyria Chronicles 4 demo and then getting stuck back into Battle Chasers: Nightwar. I kind of want to play the MHXX demo though so maybe that will take up some time too.

    I'm back into Hollow Knight on Switch, after a short hiatus. Wanted to hold off finishing till the last free DLC came out, which is on the horizon. Also, hankering for some online multiplayer, so maybe a little Dead by Daylight or R6Siege. :)

    GOW game plus. Some Nier: Automata. Also thinking of picking up Night In The Woods and Oxenfree cheap on PS4.

    World of Warcraft BfA - Main Character gearing and grinds, or Alt Leveling burn off that exp rested bonus.

    Maybe play and rage quit For Honor cause theres a free starter version on Steam.

    theHunter:Call of the Wild. After our political carry on this week, I need to kill something calmly and cleanly...

    Finally started Flipping Death last night, ffffinally. So will finish that.

    Also, Hollow Knight is $11.55 on the Switch store at the moment. It's criminal how little they are charging normally, let alone with a discount.

    Inquisitor: Martyr. My son and I like 40k, so I picked it up on the PS4. I know it is is rated as being just OK, but it looks like stompy dakka fun. We played a bit last night and enjoyed ourselves (co-op over network, not local...although this can be done). Sure there are some small graphics issues and I can see it getting repetitive, but we smashed Diablo 3 into the high paragon levels and that became a slog. May have some mates from the game group grabbing it too.

    Besides, it will tide us over until Fallout 76 lands.

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    I too will be hitting up Hollow Knight before MHXX drops next week.

    Discovered ExaPunks in Early Access last weekend, so will be continuing with that - I'm a sucker for Zachtronics games :P Other than that, I'll be winding down the SoH grind in Destiny, and maybe go back to Hollow Knight - the Gamescom Sekiro footage sent me looking for something similar, but nothing really springs to mind.

    I'm thinking of playing my own variant of a drinking game.

    Every time we change the Prime Minister, I'll take a shot of vodka.

    Let's see if I have alcohol poisoning or not by the end of next month.

    Finishing up God of War and then not sure. Going to have to take something new off the pile.

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