What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Sometimes, all the weekend calls for is a light machinegun.

That's the treatment this unsavoury spy is copping in Phantom Doctrine, which I've been thoroughly enjoying lately. (I'll have a little more to say about it some time today.) It's principally an XCOM-esque game about spies, although there's some management elements and investigation pieces that help spice the mix up a little.

Beyond that, it'll be strictly cleaning and solo gaming. My internet has gone to complete shit of late, which wonderfully landed at the same time about a dozen games all wanted to update. Fingers crossed it fixes up before Spider-Man wants another launch day update, or something.

Fortunately, I do have a couple of solo games that I've been working on for a bit that I'd like to tell you all about next week. Short answer: Star Traders: Frontiers is really cool. Keep an eye on that.

But what are you playing this weekend?


    Two point hospital! What an awesome game... so much nostalgia right there, and the best part is that it doesn’t disappoint. I think this is my GOTY boys and girls. I am going to go play some more now.....

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      Is it really that good? Awesome. Too much on the go already but will be sure to grab this as soon as i’ve got enougg time to sink in!

        In my opinion, yes it is! It is very similar to theme hospital, but also more than just a reskin. Worth every penny.

    Will be quite keen to give Phantom Doctrine a go - very much like what I see!

    For me, got a situation I normally avoid in having multiple things ongoing after finishing/spending far too long on AC Origins;

    Judging by the little rune sign/letters left I’m near the end of Hellblade: Senuas Sacrifice - very good/strange/creepy experience, there’s been a ton written about it so I won’t say more.

    Grabbed Agents of Mayhem several weeks back for $12 - if I’d paid much more I think i’d be tremendously gutted, the whole thing sadly feels shallow and off; its like you’re in a superhero world but you don’t feel like a superhero? Will finish it off as much as I can be bothered anyway as I’m still yet to see everything.

    In the same sale I got the above two, I grabbed the Return to Arkham pack & have been playing through Asylum & loving it all over again - it’s nearly 10 years since release so 10 years since I played it. Crazy.

    Switch-wise i’m still bashing through & enjoying Octopath, indie games are mounting uo though - grabbed Hollow Knight in the sale for $free last week (lovely lovely coins system) based on the rec of a few Kotaku-ers & the internet as a whole, looking forward to getting stuck in!

    Two Point Hospital. Started it last night and I'm loving it!

      Really, really interested in this because I loved Theme Hospital. Any feedback? Most people seem to say it's just Theme Hospital except in 3D, wanted some opinions before I pull the trigger.

        It's a *bit* more than that. But yes basically. It's like Theme Hospital Advanced (if that makes sense). The same humor, the same (great) building management, similar staff management. But with up to date graphics and some more advanced features and details.
        Having re downloaded Theme Hospital every 2-3 years since it came out - I'm more than happy with it, and it's well worth $35.

          Guess that trigger is getting pulled then!

    God of War (PS3). About an hour in and it's pretty fun. Nice to see how the hype started.

    Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers (PS3). Having some fun with my kids on the co-op campaign, and unlocking some extra cards for the decks.

    Maybe some Madden 19 with my Cowboys.

    Dungeon Traveler 2 on PS Vita. A bit grindy, but that's to be expected. Pretty cute characters. Very moe.

    Atelier Lydie & Suelle (sucked me in real bad - underrated series) mostly but I'm also planning to buy Into The Breach and get into that.

    Divinity Orginal Sin 2 Definitive Edition on PC. Can't wait to see the changes and Beasts new story.

    Divinity Orginal Sin 2 Definitive Edition on PC. Can't wait to see the changes and Beasts new story.

    The silly eshop price forced my hand on Getting a physical copy of MHGU, so now i have to actually get up and swap carts between that and octopath, like a savage.

      I wish it was more like steam where you can buy cheaper keys elsewhere then activate them on the eshop.

      100% of my console games are physical because they are always a better price at launch.

    I'll be checking out the new Zone of Enders 2 demo and making my way through BattleChasers: Nightwar mainly. The new Overwatch event piqued my interest too but because of the joy that is the Playstation only ever auto-updating your last X-played games or whatever stupid rule it is I now have to download a 26 GB patch which means I may very well end up being distracted before it finishes downloading.

      I tried the Zone of Enders 2 demo on PSVR...my stomach didn't last long lol

    I'll be away on holidays for the next week, but I have dipped my toes into Destiny 2 after it's PS+ release and I think I'll dive a little deeper and see how it goes...then go back to No Man's Sky.

    A guy at work is lending me God of War, so I'm keen to start that. Otherwise, mopping up the final C sides for the Celeste platinum. Also, it's a long weekend in California, so more time for gaming!

    Nothing :(. Have a show tonight, then tomorrow morning heading off with some mates to spend the weekend in the country looking at wildflower season :/. Not getting back til Sunday night I imagine.

    Taking our Switches along, prob won't be much time to play though, maybe some Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes if anything. Maybe I should pick up Celeste for the drive hmm

    Phantom Doctrine when I have time.
    And Battlestar Galactica Deadlock.
    I seem to be in a turn based strategy gaming hole lately.

    Two point hospital, Gaucamelee 2 and boring rep grinding in WoW.

    Vermintide 2 has a free weekend. I'll probably give that a go.

    Finally i wont be playing Monster Hunter World this weekend... Because i'll be playing Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate instead....

    also might give that new Destiny 2 patch a shot, beat that second DLC i never played.

    I just finished the fantastic no one lives forever and I'm currently making my way through vampire the masquerade bloodlines. Praise the jank.

    I've got 3 games on my weekend playlist. WoW: Battle for Azeroth, Destiny 2 and Overwatch.
    Only started WoW this week and its been fun leveling. The 2.0 update in Destiny 2 has got me seriously excited for Forsaken, and I enjoyed playing during the Solstice of Heroes event. Finally Overwatch because I loved watching the Allstar Weekend for OWL and definitely want to get my 9 wins for that DVa skin

      My 3 fav games... we should def be friends.

        feel free to send me an friend request. knifeyspoony#1315 on bnet for WoW and Overwatch, and knifeyspooney3 on PS4 for Destiny 2

    Uncharted 4. First playthrough the series, and loving it for all the same reasons everyone raves about them. I think I might end being a bit less enthused about 4 than the original trilogy; nothing major, it just seems to be very climb-section heavy, there are flat sections where you seem to do lots of slow walking / NPC following / environmental cues for looking at objects or reading notes, and I'm not getting a good fell for the gunplay or feedback on when I actually hit enemies (they seem very twitchy). But the introduction of stealth elements is great (even if it makes it feel too AC), the facial expressions and script is very well done, obviously the graphics are very good (but you could make a shots game for every time an NPC says "look at the view"), and I'm anticipating a big story development to really close the series well (I'm just reaching New Devon now).

    Ratchet and Clank (2016 reboot). Wanted to check out Insomniac's latest big release before the Spider-man release next week. And it looks like the sort of thing I'm into base on possible similarities to that classic era of 3D platformers (late 90s).

    Finishing up my collections before Forsaken lands on Wednesday... and if there's no prospect of raiding this weekend, swapping out my PS4's HDD for an SSD and redownloading everything I can fit on it.

    Destiny 2 2.0 patch... getting psyched for the release of Forsaken... but im away on a work trip for the release :(

    Destiny 2 - been playing a lot through solstice and really keen for Forsaken now. The games where it needs to be finally.

    Zelda BOTW - started playing today... Perhaps a mistake with how good it is and I have Forsaken taking back my time on the 4th. Good problems to have! Oh and Hollow Knight!

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