What It's Like Working At Gamescom (For Media, Anyway)

Image: Gamescom

Conventions can be great fun, particularly the larger ones like E3 and Gamescom. But what's a major convention like to cover?

I got asked the question by Pete and Dan from the Game On Aus podcast, who asked what the day to day process of working a major convention like Gamescom.

We also had a quick chat about some favourites from the show - a chance to chat about World War 3, Biomutant and Ori and the Will of the Wisps - and talked about why people were making such a fuss about ray tracing.

To listen to the rest of their episodes, you can catch them on iTunes or by clicking the little thumbnail above. You'll also find Pete and Dan's podcasts on Jetstar and Qantas flights.


    Trade day is the only day I'll go to now. tens of thousands of screaming kids and hours-long queue times is a large incentive to avoid those days

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