When Dust 2 Goes Cyberpunk

When Dust 2 Goes Cyberpunk

Counter-Strike‘s Dust 2 is one of the most iconic maps ever made – and also ones who look has changed very little over the years. So one Aussie mapper decided to give the classic a bit of a cyberpunk touch.

It’s called Dust 2 Future, and it was created by Luke Millanta. Millanta is the same mapper that added weather effects to classic CS:GO maps, and he spent around three weeks giving Dust 2 the cyberpunk touch.

“I have always loved the cyberpunk genre. The idea came about while watching Blade Runner 2049 – that movie is gorgeous,” he told Kotaku Australia.

The recreation has proved popular amongst the CS:GO workshop community, with a five star rating from more than 2000 reviews and almost 10,000 unique views over the last couple of days.

When asked if other maps might get the same treatment, Millanta said not all were suited. “Mirage, Train and Overpass would certainly work best,” he explained. “I do not think Inferno would work very well, nor Nuke or Cache.”

The creative license with the iconic level is great to see, given how few changes it’s had visually since Dust 2 first appeared in Counter-Strike 1.1. And that was part of the appeal for Millanta, who mentioned that he was getting a little tired of the same aesthetic for every CS:GO map.

“I am getting a little bored of every map having perfect weather and sun,” he said. “I understand that this has always been done to support competitive modes of play, however it is hardly realistic. I would like to see more night time maps or maps where weather plays a greater role.”

For more info about Dust2 Future and to add it to your CS:GO maps, head to the Steam Workshop listing.


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