Whoa, There's Gonna Be A Streets Of Rage 4

Screenshot: DotEmu

After nearly 25 years lying dormant, Sega’s Streets Of Rage series will continue on.

Streets of Rage 4 is in development from publisher DotEmu and developers Lizardcube and Guard Crush Games, the publisher said this morning. DotEmu also released a trailer showing the game’s cartoon aesthetic and revealing the return of series mainstay protagonists Axel Stone and Blaze Fielding.

The company has not announced the platforms the game will appear on, nor its release date.

Called Bare Knuckle in Japan, Streets Of Rage was Sega’s home-grown entry in the popular side-scrolling beat-em-up genre, in the vein of Final Fight and Double Dragon. It had three successful entries on the Genesis in the 1990s, but went dark after that — as did the genre itself, in great part.

A recent resurgence in interest in classic 2D games has led to multiple revivals of Double Dragon, and now Streets of Rage is the latest to make a return.

Screenshot: DotEmu

Developer Lizardcube is best known for the remake of Sega’s classic Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, while Guard Crush Games recently produced a side-scrolling beat-em-up called Streets Of Fury that was clearly inspired by, but unrelated to, the Sega series.

Earlier this month, DotEmu announced another unlikely sequel to a retro classic, Windjammers 2.


    Oh boy, I hope they don't screw it up. If they don't, they get automatic access to my wallet.

      I can't speak for Guard Crush Games, but Lizardcube did an outstanding job on their Wonder Boy Dragon's Trap remake/remaster/port.

    Awesome, I've been keen to play a classic beat em up for a while now.

    An updated version of 1-3 as well? Pretty please? :D

    Oh man, Lizardcube, they did such an excellent job with Wonderboy and made an old game I loved feel fresh. Some people have complained about this remake looking cartoony but it's right up my alley. It'll obviously come to the switch so I better have some eShop credit ready and waiting.

    not a fan of the art style. but hoping the gameplay matches the hype.

    Rightyo Lizardcube, I'll have me some of this. But lets do a proper 2D Golden Axe next hey?


      I want all the Capcom ones like dungeons and dragons to be remastered too

    Needs the original music composer (just check how needed this is in the YouTube comments) then it's an easy buy for me.
    The music was just as much of streets of rage as the fighting was.

    I hope the music is up to the standard of the previous titles. 2 and 3 had some tunes.

      Yeah, I still chuck on the SoR3 soundtrack every now and then, it was really unique.

        Inga Rasen, Spinning Machine and The Poets from the OST are bangers.

    I am very ok with this, but what a tough job this’ll be to please; stick close to the originals and some will complain of repetition, series hasn’t evolved etc - go the other way and change it too much (add skill tree’s or whatnot) & you risk upsetting original fans...

    Brave of them - and something I very much support! Golden Axe & a new (decent) Turtles game next please!

    Friendship with WayForward ended. Now Lizardcube is my new best friend.

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