Yes, I Will Have A Horizon: Zero Dawn Board Game

Yes, I Will Have A Horizon: Zero Dawn Board Game

The makers of the officially licensed Dark Souls and Resident Evil 2 board games have announced that they’re giving another beloved game the tabletop treatment: Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Aloy’s adventures will be translated into physical form, complete with miniatures “via Kickstarter soon” according to Steamforged Games. The tabletop creators didn’t reveal any insights into the mechanics or overarching style of game, but they did note that they were working with Guerrilla Games and Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe.

They did, however, show off some of the miniatures:

Steamforged notes that the Kickstarter, which should have more detail on the components and design, will launch “soon”. The Dark Souls games turned out alright, so fingers crossed Aloy gets a translation just as good, if not better.


  • Just going to point out these are 3d renders of the figures. The figures still turn out looking *damn* good, but not quite as good as the renders.

  • Just a warning to anyone who believes the developer behind it will get a product out any time soon, Dark Souls board game was funded back in May 2016 and is STILL not complete. The game was available for retail sale 3-4 months BEFORE Australian backers received their copies and the additional purchases have been delayed several months with their “stretch goals” being pushed back well over a year after the base game was available (no update on when these are even being done). The game also came in cheaper to purchase at retail than through the kickstarter.

  • Dark Souls is not a good board game. It’s a collection of great minis.
    A lot of fans of the video game who don’t play board games think it’s a great board game.. which has coloured opinion somewhat.
    There are far superior dungeon crawlers around. Dice tower in their reviews are usually pretty fair and for this to get a four? It would deserve it.

    Hopefully they get some good game designers and a lot more testing in for Horizon Zero Dawn … I’d be pretty sad if they wrecked that IP as well 🙁

  • If it’s about killing stuff and building better stuff out of the dead stuff, why not do Monster Hunter?
    It’s a bigger name and has huge potential for negligibly different but desirable sequels.

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