You Won’t Have To Mash Buttons In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

You Won’t Have To Mash Buttons In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Hate mashing buttons for QTEs? Shadow of the Tomb Raider understands.

Crystal Dynamics revealed a neat new feature in Shadow of the Tomb Raider on its Steam page, outlining outlined the available difficulty and accessibility options that will ship at launch.

One of the accessibility options was buried deep within the post, but it’s worth calling out on its own:

• Optional Y Axis Inversion
• Toggling on and off Vibration
• Reducing Camera Shake
• The option to center the camera horizontally so that it is ‘soft locked’ on Lara’s back, requiring the use of only one stick for movement. The other stick can still be used to move the camera if desired.
• The option to tap rather than hold left trigger to aim down the sights
• The option to use right (default) or left stick to aim, when looking down sights (left trigger)
The option to hold button press prompts rather than repeated tapping
• The option to push the stick directionally for crank control prompts rather than rotate • Adjustable aim sensitivity

Hallelujah. Mashing buttons for a QTE that you have to pass anyway to proceed is comfortably one of the most annoying things in video games. This isn’t Detroit: If you need me to pass this section to proceed, and there’s no actual timing or skill required other than pressing a button, why not make it a comfortable experience?

You Won’t Have To Mash Buttons In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Speaking of difficulty, the game’s pretty flexible there as well. You’ll be given a difficulty preset, which you can change throughout the game, but you can further customise the difficulty of the puzzles, combat, and general exploration.

Don’t like the white outlines on areas showing you what walls and trees you can climb up? Then you can turn those off by bumping the exploration difficulty up. If you want super tactical combat, ramp up the combat and pray for headshots.

You can go the other way as well – if you’re having trouble with puzzles, jump into the options and drop the puzzle difficulty down to easy. Not only will Lara give you direct hints about how to progress (instead of vague suggestions), you’ll get a bright blue outline showing you precisely what you need to interact with:

You Won’t Have To Mash Buttons In Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Here’s the difference between each of the difficulty settings, for the combat, puzzles and exploration:

Combat Difficulty


• Aim assist enabled
• Enemies have lower health and do less damage
• Ammunition boxes are plentiful
• Enemies have illuminated silhouettes

• Enemies have normal health and damage
• Ammunition boxes are rare
• Enemies have illuminated silhouettes


• Enemies have increased health, do more damage and locate Lara more quickly.
• No health regeneration in combat
• Ammunition boxes are rare
• No hit markers on the reticle
• Enemies are not highlighted in Survival Instincts

Deadly Obsession

• Same as hard • No HUD icon when Lara is being detected by an enemy

Puzzle Difficulty


• Lara gives direct hints on next action to perform
• Interactable objects are highlighted in Survival Instincts
• Objects necessary to progress highlighted in blue during Survival Instincts
• Longer window of opportunity for timed mechanics


• Lara gives general hints on the next action to perform
• Interactable objects are highlighted in Survival Instincts
• Normal window of opportunity for timed mechanics

Hard/Deadly Obsession

• No hints are given by Lara
• No Survival Instincts • Shorter window of opportunity for timer mechanics

Exploration Difficulty


• Obvious white paint on critical path
• Longer saving grab timer
• Base camps are lit


• Discreet white paint on critical path
• Normal saving grab timer
• Base camps are unlit


• No white paint on critical path
• Reduced saving grab timer
• No Survival Instincts during exploration
• Base camps are unlit

Deadly Obsession

• Same as Hard
• Base camps are unlit and require resources to light
• Game only saves at Base camps


More info can be found over at Steam.


  • Why not – and I realize this is a radical concept, but bear with me – why not… take the QTEs out altogether, since they’re shit?

    • The point of the QTEs in modern Tomb Raider games, and many other games, is to add the feeling of tension and resistance in a particular task at specific points. I think they’re worthwhile inclusions to add a feeling of “struggle” to a scene, but I do think they should be more accessible, like these have the option.

      There’s a fine line, but I don’t mind contributing to the effort Lara may have, say, trying to force-squeeze through an opening as a boulder rolls down a tunnel towards her or something, as opposed to a passive experience. Like the added effects in Super Mario RPGs, for example.

      • If that’s the “point” of them they do a shit job at it. It’s a cutscene. If you fail you die and repeat it until you succeed. That’s not fun at all, it doesn’t add “tension” or “struggle”, it makes it a chore.

    • I totally agree. The whole “Press X to not die” is a bit part of why I have barely started playing the 2013 Tomb Raider game.

    • Yes please. I remember wishing I could just watch and enjoy God of War cinematics, but I’d often miss most of what was happening because I was concentrating on the QTEs.

  • It’s a crying shame that this may well be the game of the year, but it will be buried between Spider-Man, Spyro and rdr.

    It reminds me of titanfall 2. Leagues better than battlefield 1 and cod that came out at the same time. But not being the recognised title, didn’t get the player base.

    I hope the media hyped the fuck out of this and helps people know how great this game looks.

    • So as an aside: an embargo for Shadow will drop late Friday evening, so stay tuned for more coverage then.

  • I’m not sure that’s for QTEs. Isn’t it more for when you’re opening those orange loot chests or using the rope pull and have to hammer a button repeatedly? It seems more like an accessibility option more than a “Remove QTE” button. Or are they QTEs too? What is video games?

    Base camps are litFinally. Do you know how many times I’ve been at a camp and said “I really wish this camp was lit.”

  • How about just not having the fucking things to start with. QTE’s are a great way to ruin a scripted in engine sequence, nothing like making the player stare intently at a series of bitmaps rather than the spectacle of what’s actually happening on screen.

  • Hhm, what about mouse and keyboard players?
    All those settings are for gamepad – I hope this isn’t going to turn into another poor port over to PC.

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