A Hearthstone Pop-Up Book Is In The Works, Don't Ask Me Why

Image: Insight Editions

Merchandise is a thing. And a totally fine thing at that... when done well. T-shirts, I get. Mugs too. Even body pillows, to a point. But a pop-up book for Hearthstone? It's interesting, I guess... but really?

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Published by Insight Editions and available early November, the Hearthstone Pop-Up Book (actual name) packs five "pops" in its 23.4x27.9cm, 770g frame.

Image: Insight Editions
Image: Insight Editions

To Blizzard's credit, it hasn't gone half-arsed with the productions values, employing former BioWare concept and cover artist Mike Sass for the visuals, as well as "award-winning paper engineer" Simon Arizpe.

Image: Insight Editions

According to Amazon US, it'll retail for $US40.41, or around $55.94 Australian. That said, Book Depository has it for $85, which (sadly) sounds more in line with what I'd expect for us southern hemisphere dwellers.

I realise I'm not the target market for this particular oddity, despite being an avid Hearthstone player in a previous life. But still...

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The Hearthstone Pop-Up Book [Insight Editions]


    But why?!

    Seriously thought it looks pretty cool. Risky thing to buy a child though. Similar to buying them a pack of cigarettes.

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