After Bowsette, Fans Go Wild For Boosette

After Bowsette, Fans Go Wild For Boosette

Bowsette isn’t the only fan creation tearing up the internet. Boosette is really making a name for herself.

As Kotaku previously reported, the Super Crown in New Super Mario Bros. Wii U Deluxe led to fanart in which Bowser morphed into a new character, Bowsette.

Fans didn’t stop there, dreaming up what other characters would look like with the Super Crown. A handful of other what-ifs started floating around online, but the reworked version of Luigi’s Mansion antagonist King Boo has exploded in popularity.

Meet Queen Boo aka Boosette. In Japanese, fans have dubbed the character “Kingu Teresa Hime” (キングテレサ姫), a combination of King Boo’s Japanese name Kingu Teresa and the word “hime,” meaning princess.

By this past Monday, Boosette fan art was going viral on Japanese Twitter.

The amount of fan art is staggering.

Some prefer Boosette to Bowsette.

What about you?

Hopefully, the two fan creations get along!

Of course, there is cosplay.

Meltyeye’s rendition also went viral, helping Boosette to win a rash of new fans.

This might explain the appeal of Boosette. She’s shy!

It’s amazing how both these characters have taken hold. But don’t expect to necessarily see them become official.

Recently Japanese website J-Cast asked Nintendo about the fan creations. “As for what’s being posting online, we’d like to refrain from commenting,” a Nintendo spokesperson said.

When fan art and cosplay exist, who needs the Nintendo Seal of Approval?


  • Toadette puts on the crown and becomes a cute, petite little Peach clone with “normal” proportions. Any other random character puts on the crown and becomes a bombshell with huge boobs, a low cut dress and a seductive look on their face?

    • I can actually see Bowsette as having big boobs and a low cut. Booette strikes me as one that should have one of those stiff, old-fashioned high-necked dresses. As for the seductive expression… not much to do there when Boos’ iconic face has their tongues lolling out.

    • Not at all. Granted it depends on the artist and some will inevitably do nothing but that, but generally from what I’ve seen it comes down to the character and accentuating their attributes. In Boo’s case he often comes with the tongue sticking out which lends itself easily to the seductive look. But then there’s also the shy hiding face too, which a lot have picked up on in here. I’ve seen Chompette as kind of a gothic lolita with a bit of a deranged look, Goombette as a diminutive disinterested almost nendoroid-looking princess, Bullet Billette as a totally ripped Zarya-esque stronggirl, Dark Samus admiring herself in an elegant ball gown dreaming of being like the other princesses. All sorts of things beyond big-boobed seductress.

        • Huh. I thought I knew what that was going to be before I clicked it, but then it turned out it was a different one of the same concept.

      • Yeah I see how they’re accentuating Bowser’s attributes when it comes to Bowsette, what with him normally being seductive and wearing skimpy clothes (no clothes usually).

        Wait, no, I can’t see it.

        • That doesn’t sound like “any other character”. And while that depiction plays up to the theme of the original comic, there’s been plenty of others that go with a more reptilian slant too.

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