After Earthquake, Nintendo DS Peripheral Comes In Handy

Screenshot: Nintendo

Last week, a 6.6 magnitude earthquake hit Japan’s northern island Hokkaido, leaving many without power.

Sadly, the quake has claimed the lives of 42 people.

As website Togech points out, during blackouts, it’s important to get radio and TV signals to make sure one is up to date on any announcements.

During a post-quake power outage, one Hokkaido-based Twitter user remembered he had the DS Terebi peripheral, a One-Seg rabbit-ear antenna for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSi and Nintendo 3DS. The product launched in 2007 and is no longer in production.

However, it still works, right when this Twitter user needed it most.

Out of respect for those affected by the quake, Nintendo postponed last Friday’s Nintendo Direct.


    Do they still have analogue TV over there?

      If Wikipedia is to be believed, the addon is for Digital TV.

      The rabbit ears are not specific to analog TVs, they are just antennas to capture a signal. It matters not what the signal is, it only matters to the tuner.

        spot on. Per Nintendo Japan:

        ※ In some areas terrestrial digital TV broadcasting may not be available.
        ※ Even within the broadcasting area, it may be impossible to receive all or some broadcasting stations depending on the usage environment.
        ※ Some broadcasting stations may not be able to receive some data broadcasts.
        ※ Display of data broadcasting and bidirectional communication are not supported. Moreover, there is no recording function

        Ah, I thought it was only analogue for some reason. Must've been thinking of something else. Maybe the TurboExpress tuner :P

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