Ah, Hello, Prince: Katamari Damacy Is Coming To The Switch, PC

Here we are. Earth. Full of things as usual. One of those things will be Katamari Damacy on the Nintendo Switch.

The 2004 cult classic will be remastered in HD in its first appearance on a Nintendo console this summer:

We’ll be rolling our anticipation until then. It’s also coming to PC!


    Why make new games? Just keep re-releasing old games indefinitely

      Shh, I've been jonesing to roll up junk on a current gen console for years now.

      I hate that the Switch is getting stuffed full of ports instead of anything interesting... but I'm mildly hyped to finally try out Katamari.

    Be still my beating heart
    HD rumble! Finally my hands need suffer no more the cruelty of standard definition rumble experienced during the PS2 era.

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