An Artist Inspired By Ukiyo-e Creates Absolutely Stunning Illustrations Of Superheroes

The Infinity Gauntlet. (Image: Dakota Alexander)

As a kid, Gifu City artist Dakota Alexander developed a lifelong love for ukiyo-e, a style of traditional Japanese woodblock painting that became popular during the Edo period. Like many young people, Alexander also happened to have a fondness for comic books and superheroes.

Ukiyo-e paintings have traditionally depicted epic, dramatic scenes plucked from significant moments in history, fables, and natural settings. For the past couple of years, Alexander’s been experimenting with ukiyo-e style, focusing on illustrations of heroes. Suffice to say, the results are absolutely gorgeous:

Spider-Man and the Black Cat. (Image: Dakota Alexander)
Black Panther. (Image: Dakota Alexander)
Black Widow. (Image: Dakota Alexander)
Ant-Man. (Image: Dakota Alexander)
Wonder Woman. (Image: Dakota Alexander)

You check out even more of Alexander’s work on ArtStation—and if you’re so inclined, prints are available to purchase on Etsy.


    Not sure if it's the same artist, but I have seen several other prints in this style with videogame and pop-culture characters such as Sonic, Mario, Pokemon and Ninja Turtles.

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