I Don't Think Bethesda Approved This Ad

There is good marketing for video games, and then there is ... this.

September 12 marks National Video Game Day, so chances are you've seen some weird things flying around your social media celebrating games in some fashion. But this, from Marie Stopes Australia yesterday, takes the cake.

This is not an ad for Skyrim.

This is an ad for a vasectomy.

"We promise it won't feel like taking an arrow to the knee."

Christ, I hope not.


    "Dad, where do babies come from?"

    "Well... When a protagonist daddy shouts very loudly at an NPC mummy, an immortal child appears and calls someone a bootlicker. Did I ever tell you how your mother and I met? I had this really nice necklace..."

    Khajit has the goods, if you have the coin...unless this one has had the chop...then Khajit has no goods...

    I think I prefer it being about a Vasectomy than my initial thought that there was a Skyrim Battle Royale mode on the way.

      That would genuinely be a lot more painful than a medical procedure on my genitals.

        also having that procedure means you get stuck with life ending STD known as KIDS

    I used to be an adventurer like you. Then I took a sperm to the egg...

    The question is, when will I be able to get a vasectomy on my Switch?

      'Surgeon Simulator CPR' releases "today" (13th September) supposedly.

    I saw this yesterday and laughed

    I thought it was more like you go into battle roar "FAS RO DAH!" and nothing happens. Then the dragon eats you.

    "Oh shit, I wasn't really the prophesied hero, I was just a peasant farmer after all."

    Copyright law suit just waiting to happen there.

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