Android 17, Cooler Coming To Dragon Ball FighterZ

Briefly: Android 17 is coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ alongside Cooler in the next DLC release on September 27. 


    Can someone who owns this fill me in: Is this free DLC or are the character packs paid? Mostly wondering whether it's worth waiting to get a complete edition

      It's paid dlc.
      I haven't heard any rumours of a complete addition yet.
      There's another round of dlc chars coming out again next year I think.

      Scratch some of that. I forgot there is a copy that comes with 8 dlc characters and has music from the anime as well already out.

        Right so it'd be like a "season pass" edition then if there's more characters coming? Thanks mate

    "Android 17 AND Cooler ARE coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ" What do 'journalists' learn these days....

      Headlines follow different grammatical rules than standard prose. This includes using the present tense, dropping certain determiners, and replacing conjunctions—such as AND—with punctuation. The idea is clarity and brevity.

      If you want to be picky, you've used both double and single inverted commas which is incorrect. Pick one and be consistent, they have exactly the same usage. You've also attempted to write an ellipsis with four periods. An ellipsis only ever has three, no more and no less.

      I'm an editor, but no one likes a grammar nazi.

        Highlighting the title is quite difficult to read more than anything. The caption doesn't do any favours either. I'm not an editor at all, just grumpy.

    They learn that you're often viewing their content on dinky mobile phones, so they must conserve word count in titles. Additionally, not sure the syntax they are using is invalid.

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