Bowsette Fan Event Being Held In Japan

Bowsette Fan Event Being Held In Japan

Things have moved real fast for Bowsette. There is a “Bowsette is Real” page hoping to make the character cannon. That’s not all. Next month in Japan, there will be a Bowsette gathering with fan art and cosplay.

The name of the event is Oukan Keikaku: Kuppa Hime Onrii Ibento or “Crown Plan: Bowsette Only Event.”

According to its official page (via Hachima and SoraNews), the event will be held on October 27 at the Kawasaki Municipal Industrial Promotion Hall, just south of Tokyo.

Twitter user Sumihii first announced the event a few days ago. (Note: the event image below incorrectly stats October 28.)

The event will start at 12:30 pm. There will be doujinshi (fan-made comics) and from 3:30 pm, crossplay cosplay (men dressing up as female characters). There won’t be an official event catalogue and registering for cosplay is free.

I’d imagine this event is going to be popular. Just a guess!


  • No explanation of wtf Bowsette is for the uninitiated? I assume a female version/counterpart to Bowser?

    Also, you wrote ‘cannon’ but meant ‘canon’.

    • ok here goes:
      a couple of weeks ago a video was released by nintendo that showed off a new mario game for the switch. In it they showed off a new Item called the super crown that takes the place of the mushroom power up for Toadette. When Toadette uses the super crown, she gets turned into a Peach lookalike called Peachette.

      Last week a guy on twitter with only 20 odd followers made a comic about Peach leaving both Mario and Bowser at the Altar. Mario and bowser are both depressed by this, but then bowser get ahold of the super crown and turns into what is now dubbed Bowsette, a Peach lookalike of Bowser with his tail, shell and Horns….. Plus tiddies.

      The internet being the Internet then ran wild with it….

      theres a better write up about it on Knowyourmeme

      • Slight correctipn was pretty sure the game was a rerelease of a Wii U SMB game with sone added features.. but yeah pretty much exactly as you said it..

        .. now we just wait for winter comiket and rule 34 reaaaaallly kicks in =P

        • forget rule 34, you should checkout r/Futanari. Also a small side note Bowsette and Boosette have become unoffical mascots it looks like over at r/traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns

      • Appreciate the backstory, but it was more of a critique of the article’s lack thereof than anything.

        Nonetheless, thank you. 🙂

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