Community Review: Spider-Man

Now that we've all had enough time to download about six patches, get the hang of swinging and knock off a few bosses, let's have a chat about Spider-Man.

The easiest comment to make about Spider-Man is that it's a good looking game. That's been the case for a lot of Sony exclusives this year — Detroit and God of War were stunning too. The animations are what's particularly spectacular though, which is to be expected given how much Spidey's acrobatics are front and centre.

Spider-Man: The Kotaku Review

Insomniac Game’s new Spider-Man adventure on the PS4 is a fun comic book brawler with some good story beats. It's elevated by a system of acrobatics that features some of the most intuitive and exhilarating movement I’ve ever experienced in a game.

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But as a general open world game?

I'm still working my way through, so I can't answer that yet. I got a code early, but Telstra's shovel-inspired intervention into my home internet meant I had to sit on the game for longer than I would have liked. The first few hours of the game are certainly very busy, but it's busy with all the same kinds of stuff you've seen in every other open-world adventure.

That's not necessarily a bad thing. Ambition comes in many forms — but when you've got the likes of The Witcher 3, what CD Projekt are doing with Cyberpunk 2077 as well, and games that iterate in new environments like Horizon: Zero Dawn, I can understand why some would have been left wanting more.

The biggest quirk has been the amount of crashes and game-breaking bugs people have encountered. It's natural for any open-world game to have more bugs than can be reasonably discovered — Jason's book has a great chapter on Dragon Age: Inquisition and the problems Frostbite caused for Bioware — but some of Spidey's quirks are genuinely really funny.

Spider-Man Has Some Quality Bugs

A fact of life for any open world game is bugs. Spider-Man has some good ones.

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But for fans of the comics, fans of the PS2 Spider-Man, what do you think? Have you been satisfied with Insomniac's take on web-slinging? What do you want to see in future story content — and what expectations did you have going in?


    I love Insomniac's Spider-Man. It could be my favourite game of 2018, next to God of War.

    I haven't encountered any bugs so far, which is impressive for an open world game. I've heard of people reporting bugs and issues but I've yet to see any.

      Pretty much my answer to a T. Really enjoying the experience, even if it doesn't break new grounds for open world games. The feeling of being Peter Parker was absolutely the priority in development and it shows, they nailed it, so hopefully the sequel (and there will be one, no doubts there) will expand on the concept in new ways and maintain this level of quality.

        I read that in Kotaku's article, they wanted to see more "Peter Parker". When I read this, I thought oh crap, does that mean you barely get to see Spider-Man unmasked? Well, turns out to be the opposite, I think the game has a great balance of Spider-Man and Peter Parker.

        While I've had some hiccups with the controls (not bugs), I think Spider-Man is an absolutely exceptional game. Sure, it doesn't really do a whole lot "new", but everything it does, it does so well.

    After not getting into too much hype over the pre release content of Spider-Man, i cant seem to put the game down.

    It's been a long time since I have found a game that gets me on it every spare chance I get, and staying up late not realizing the amount of time that passed.

    its a great game for anyone whether you liked the Spider-Man series or not!

    I 100%ed it last night. Fun story, great characters, side activities can get repetitive but they didn't really bother me.

    Combat is fun, too. Pretty sure this would be many people's game of the year if RDR2 wasn't hiding around the corner.

    9.5/10 for me. Most enjoyable game I've played in years.

    Pretty fun game from what I’ve played so far. Only bugs I have encountered are audio drops out every now and then.

    Won’t be game of the year, GOW so far and maybe RDR will be after I’ve played it, but it’s fefinitely up there

    Mary-Jane almost ruined it for me. Not since Carl in The Walking Dead has a character in any form of media irritated me quite as much.

    A great Spiderman game, but considering how much was taken from Arkham it is a shame that they didn't work on buffing out issues that are common in the Batman titles.

      Its funny to see the Arkham comparison in reviews and comments... cause Spiderman 2, which is the spiritual predecessor of this game, did the combat system before Arkham.

      While Arkham reiterated and improved on it... it was always Spidermans fighting style given to Batman when you look back at the first game.

    I thinks one of the articles i read said it best about the side activities, sure they are repetitive but when Spidey is this fun to move around the map any excuse for you to do more of it is welcome. I spent my first few hours of this game with a big dumb grin on my face about how fun it is to just swing around the city (i have forced the controller into the hands of everyone in my house as well to get in on that feeling)

    Bug wise i have only had one issue where Spidey jumped off an exploding armoured car into an Ambulance and got stuck, this was also before fast travel unlocked (why is this ever locked in the first place?) so i had to reset the game to get free.

    Beat it yesterday-
    I started collecting Spider-Man comics 28 years ago (7yrs old). Stopped when I was about 18 - The films didn't feel like Spider-Man and the games were mostly naff. Then the comics went down a weird road (resurrecting, then killing his parents again). The last issue I bought was when he and Venom finally called it a truce (shortly after beating Carnage).
    This game is the first time I've felt anything for the character since then. The story, VA and gameplay nail the whole universe. Peter Parker is at his best when he's fighting against himself and still makes the right decisions and the new canon Insomniac have created makes it feel more personal than ever. Awesome game.

    Got this yesterday. Never played the Arkham games, so I can't make the comparison.

    I'm liking it so far, but Spiderman keeps dying on me, beaten by petty thugs... Surely he can't be that bad at doing his job... It can't possibly be the fact that I am not used this type of combat, let alone am a strict PC gamer who uses mouse and keyboard... Yeah, nah... Definitely a fault of the game makers

    I've only had the chance to play for a couple of hours but I've seen enough to get a feel for how it plays.

    One of my favourite things about Saints Row IV was the freedom of movement as I jumped, ran and flew everywhere I needed to go. The biggest problem though was that the map wasn't originally designed for it so adding these new movement options effectively shrunk the map. Spider-man improves on this in every way and lets you swing, run and leap through the city with ease but never feels too small or too large. As a result, movement is my absolute favourite part of this game.

    Combat on the other hand, the other major facet of any game like this, had me tired of it after an hour of beating goons around with the same few moves repeated ad nauseum. Don't get me wrong though, the combat is satisfying in that it feels very fluid and you can easily make a flashy fight mirroring the movies, it's just that there's not much to it and the game hands you fight after fight after fight.

    In summary:
    - Movement is a joy
    - The option to turn off QTEs and auto-solve puzzles
    - Spidey feels like Spidey would without being too restricted by game design limits
    - Really nice accessibility options

    - Combat isn't very involved
    - 6 or so different currencies requiring you to do specific activity types rather than a single currency giving you freedom to choose how to earn it
    - Targeting can be a little finicky at times

    Game of the year for me so far.

    Enjoying every second of web slinging around New York. Love all the little touches Insomniac have put on the game, just nail the feel of being Spider-man.

    Only encountered one bug so far (background NPC floating with their legs below the ground level) but bug free otherwise.

    Now if only PS4 let you set play limits I think my wife would be happier. I certainly regretted my marathon Friday night-early Saturday morning session (toddler daughter) but the game just makes me want to sink hours into swinging around saving New York.

    I love the game but I seem to be the only one who was disappointed that the webslinging requires very little skill and there is no way to hurt yourself doing it. Even if there was just a tiny little bit of danger it would be way more thrilling hurtling through the air.

    Fantastic story, voice acting and animations.
    As folks mentioned, swinging around NY is a joy in itself.
    Attention to detail in characters, suits and gear is top notch.

    My only criticisms are the game feels very short and the world did not feel alive at all.
    The combat felt a little easy and a lack of combos and familiar finishers felt like a step back.
    (The ability to string enemies up on lamp posts during combat was one of the coolest features to ever be in a Spider-Man!)

    Personally I loved the game, all Insomniac needed to do was pretty up the old template and it's what they've done, so I don't have any complaints and my criticisms are things I hope to addressed in future games.
    Most fun I've had in a while.

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