Community Review: Two-Point Hospital

Over the last few days, I have heard only good things about this game.

The spiritual successor to Theme Hospital dropped late last week, and so far the reception has ranged from good to you must play this game. Without having tried it myself I'm a little wary of going that far.

Still, it's nice every now and again when a game that claims to offer a blast from the past does so, and leaves its customers happy.

A friend described Two-Point to me as not only a good spiritual successor to the Bullfrog classic, but also a good game in its own right. I've seen some complaints about the management aspect - in that you earn money a little too easily, and that there's not a great deal of depth in the oversight of staff.

But for now, people seem to be enjoying that nostalgia high, reliving their Theme Hospital dreams but with a more modern interface and something that doesn't need a widescreen mod to play nicely on modern systems.

I'm curious to know more from you though: have you picked up Two-Point Hospital yet, and if so, how's it been?


    Took up a big chunk of my weekend. Totally worth full price, and I feel slightly less bad about pirating Theme Hospital all those years ago.

    I love that you can go back to your old hospitals and improve/extend them with what you have learned in your newer hospitals.

    I am thoroughly enjoying it. I am about 20hrs in, and it is not without its flaws, but can happily recommend this. If you have played theme hospital, then you will be right at home, It is almost a reskin of TH (that is not a negative thing). It adds a lot of quality of life features, and there are some genuine laughs. Because I have chosen to 3 star every hospital before moving on, I am only on the 5th or 6th one, and the challenge does ramp up, with new mechanics and challenges being added. 9/10!

      I was going to get it. But one of the top steam user reviews is a negative one saying there's issues with queues and bottlenecks? Any issues for you?

        There are definitely bottlenecks and there can be long ques, but Managing bottlenecks and ques is a fundamental part of the game. It’s like giving CoD a negative review because there is lots of shooting. I find that if you are attracting too many patients you may need to stem the tide, otherwise your facilities get jammed up with too many patients, so that’s where experimenting with pricing and hospital layout become important.

          Thanks for the heads up everyone! Good to see all the thoughts on it. I'll give it a go :)

        Hi Lemonmule,

        I have read that comment on Steam, and I can't say I agree with their negative review.

        Firstly, the reviewer has only 14 hours on record (I probably have something similar) and I haven't progressed in the game far enough where queue are a problem (Yet? Maybe?)

        I think the person reviewing either hasn't built enough analysis rooms for their hospital, which is why they keep coming back to the GP's office or they are building the rooms inefficiently.

        I haven't yet had to build more than 3-4 doctor's offices, and I think I'm around 4 hospitals in.

        Another one of their complaints is not making enough money. I have actually found the opposite, it's too easy to make money and not that difficult. But I assume this will ramp up the further I get into the game.

        I hope this helps.

        I've definitely had this issue.
        There are points where there is a queue for the changing cubicle in the ward and all the patients just stand there waiting, and one goes in every 3-4 minutes. Definitely a bug rather than a management error.
        It's not game breaking though.

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          You can create more than one changing cubicle in the ward!

          Makes it flow allot better.

        That is a really poor excuse for a review.
        The game is fantastic, quirky and just a total blast to play.
        I never tire of seeing patients come in thinking they are Freddie Mercury haha

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    Excellent game, very true to Theme Hospital. The only feature I wish it had that it doesn't right now is the ability to clone rooms.

      I also would like placing items to remember last position :P

    I'm loving it,although there doesn't seem to be a freeplay mode and it's way too easy.Queue's usually occur with Diagnosis rooms and can be easily dealt as there are several types of Diag facilitiesAlso training staff in Diagnosis helps.A new Theme Park game would be fantastic btw.

    bought the game, played half an hour, looks super fun,

    this is a game i really want to play for a while, im hoping they add some dlc for some larger stuff to do to increase its playability in the future maybe a pandemic addon or something like that.

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