Crypt Of The Necrodancer Devs Are Making A Mecha Strategy Game

With one of the more unfortunate names of the year, Phantom Brigade is a "cinematic turn-based mech tactics" game from the makers of Crypt of the Necrodancer.

There's not a lot of commonality between rhythm-based dungeon crawling and the methodical destruction of robotic arms, but some early screenshots of Phantom Brigade do show some promising systems. It doesn't appear as complex as, say, BattleTech yet. And being work in progress means that there's a few asset passes between now and launch.

The Steam page notes that "every square metre of every scene" is destructible, and players will have some base management to handle as well. A teaser dropped recently, and you can catch that below.

A lot of the shots are from residential, woody environments, rather than the wastelands or dustbowls in BattleTech. Phantom Brigade - which just reminds me that Phantom Doctrine and Strange Brigade both launched recently - doesn't have a release date, though, so we probably won't be seeing this one for at least a year.


    I, somewhat embarrassingly but also not have over 650 hours on Crypt of the Necrodancer. It's the game I play when I need something to fill 1/2 mindlessly here or there. So I'd buy this if for nothing more than to support the developers of what has probably been my best value game purchased in terms of cost to hours!

      Agreed - I'll likely do the same. Crypt is genius, I just started re-playing it recently.

    Will have to wait and see. I love me some mech and strategy games, but those designs are really boring looking.

      ahh you mean - ''functional''. Only anime and manga can have gravity and physics defying form based mecha.

        I don't mind mind both western (BT) and eastern mech designs (Gundam, AC), but these are just meh.

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