Dad Gets Toddler To Climb Inside Prize Machine, Steal Nintendo Consoles

Dad Gets Toddler To Climb Inside Prize Machine, Steal Nintendo Consoles
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A man is wanted by police after being filmed sending his daughter inside a BarBerCut Lite cabinet, where she was able to get her tiny hands on some prizes and retrieve them before the pair (and another child, believed to be the man’s son) left the scene.

The Union Leader reports that security at the Mall at Rockingham Park in New Hampshire was alerted to the man’s scheme by a hostess at a restaurant opposite the machine, who told the site “Two people came in and I heard them say, ‘That’s so unsafe.’ So I went outside and all I saw was the toddler’s head peeping out of the front of the machine.”

She says the man made off with “multiple prizes”, among them a Nintendo Switch and “Gameboy DS” (going to guess that’s a 3DS).

Local police are now asking for help from the public to locate the man, who “is described as a bearded Hispanic, 20-30 years old”. You can see footage of the incident, uploaded and modified by the Salem PD, below.


    • If it’s the type of arcade machine that I think it is, they are rigged to try and prevent people from winning. A good friend of mine is very good at these stack-based games, everything up to the final one would stop when he pressed the button, yet the top one didn’t and went for another 1 – 2 seconds before. These things are the worst of any machine at an arcade as they are usually more expensive and less fun than most games but reward better prizes thus incentivising people to play them.

    • Yeah, but if he won it he’d get to keep it after. Doing it this way he trades in the consoles for the prize of a felony theft conviction instead.

    • @zombiejesus

      And he might lose his kids as well for endangering them. Really crazy thing he did. I would NEVER let my guys climb inside a machine like that.

  • Actually RD84 I think the Hispanic man who is wanted by police will be getting much more than than a prize I think he will be scoring his own prize and that is spending hard time in jail facing criminal charges and scoring a date with the judge. Who will be throwing the book at the male at him and his stupid idea to get his toddler to steal some prizes including a Nintendo Switch. So instead of a prize what the Hispanic male should get is hard time behind bars.

  • You’re burying the lede here – I am very impressed this Dad was confident enough to trust that his toddler would follow instructions and then actually get out of the machine when asked afterwards!

    • Well, you’re assuming it was his kid, and also assuming he cared about getting the kid out afterwards. Fair assumptions, but still assumptions 🙂

  • Like carnies complaining when you rip off their rip off games. I am not supporting the fathers actions, but I find it funny when owners of these scam machines complain.

  • The “burn capitalism to the ground” part of me says we should be hailing this guy as a hero tbh.

    The rest of me is like “Imagine having it so hard that you train your kid to nick stuff from inside vending machines”.

  • Isn’t sure if impressed or shocked or annoyed i didn’t think of this… Mine was great, Walks in park.. Yeah i’m a single dad… Mate go hug that girl… Okies daddy.

    Mate can you get into that machine and get out prizes? No daddy i don’t fit… Sigh… Sign this mate its adoption papers.. Need smaller child.

    Seriously though if something went wrong, He could have explained it away? I saw this kid in a vending machine i wanted to win since he was mine.

    When the police come to ask me about it, Oh what did the guy look like first? Um.. Australian? white… Oh um… Since you’re white we are going to give you a nobel prize for most interesting use of children.



  • Can we get a royal commission into these machines? I swear these are just as bad as loot boxes and gambling, no? False advertising when it’s presented as a ‘Skill’ tester when there’s no skill in the chance of ‘letting’ the person win.

    Regarding the actual actions of the dad, it’d cost less for him to just smash the glass, I reckon, instead of endangering someone’s kid for a console.

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