DC Universe Launches September 15, Titans Arrives A Month Later

DC Universe Launches September 15, Titans Arrives A Month Later

DC Entertainment’s grand plans to enter the streaming service world have looked pretty bold so far, and now it won’t be long before fans in the U.S. will get to try them out. But weirdly enough, DC Universe won’t actually launch with one of its biggest hooks so far: its new Teen Titans show.

DC has now officially confirmed—through a livestream of its first “DC Daily” news show, which will also air on the streaming service—that DC Universe will officially launch on (sigh) Batman Day, the company’s faux holiday dedicated to the Dark Knight, in the U.S.

That means access to a bevy comics on demand (around 2500 in total at launch), streams of beloved shows like Batman: The Animated Series and Young Justice, and even an exclusive store where you can buy some pretty nifty animated Justice League action figures, will all be available starting from September 15, for a $US8 ($11) monthly cost (or $US75 ($103) for a whole year). But what won’t be is the actual new content exclusive to the service.

While we already knew the third season of Young Justice—which dropped a new clip featuring Nightwing and Oracle during the announcement (which you can see below)—wouldn’t be hitting DC Universe until next year, it’s kind of a surprise that Titans won’t actually be available from day one.

But the good news it won’t be too long for your DC Universe sub to pay off, if you’re specifically interested in hearing Dick Grayson say “Fuck Batman”: after a premiere at New York Comic Con on October 2, the 12-episode first season of Titans will come to DC Universe October 12, releasing episodes weekly.

Given that Warner Bros. wants DC Universe to become a hub for its fans as much as it is a Netflix-esque streaming competitor, it makes sense to launch it and start building that community, even if it’s without the big draw of a splashy live-action series on day one. But it still is a little weird fans will have to wait almost a month to see their subscription really start to pay off.


      • Not sure aside from the whole visuals not looking great. even this photoshoped to hell poster she doesn’t look right. She actually looks really off putting in general (not looking like the comic character aside). it’s honestly a little disturbing to me.

      • I’m not exactly sure, but whatever character that is they’re trying to pass off as Starfire, it ain’t her.

        Doesn’t look like her, doesn’t sound like her, doesn’t act like her.

  • I would have been interested in some of the things they were offering, but they’re only selling membership to Americans, so what’s the point?

  • Well, no offense I love superheroes done right before a streaming surface with lots of superheroes done wrong. To be fair, all of the movies in DC are good shows except for the movies that are team up one, which I think is good. However, the worst one is the movie that nobody wants that’s animated. It is Teen Titans Go to the Movies. Even the show it’s based off of is bad. Why make a movie about a bad show then make a movie about a good show? I watched the movie online it was kind of an confusing story that is kind of boring. Don’t get me wrong I love the Teen Titans but what they did in the “claimed” spinoff (really a reboot) they aren’t the Teen Titans we know. They have the same voice as the Teen Titans we know but it doesn’t actually seem like the Teen Titans. However, I am looking forward to the Live action Titans. To be honest I have no problem about the actor who plays starfire in the live action show. Starfire is an alien that is orange. However, we don’t know what real alien’s color look like but it is only a comic show and to be fair the mater of the color doesn’t matter to the alien hero. Besides people will complain a lot about things they notice are wrong but they will not pay attention to the actual story. Anyways, that’s not what’s wrong with TTG because it has a little bit of story and lots of ideas that are jokes. To be fair the movie was just better but it still felt like it should be on the chopping block. The only good part of the movie is a midcredit scene. To be honest, having a good show being revived by a bad show is like Danny Phantom being revived by Identity Thief. It just won’t work. However, a good show revived by a good show. Then it will work. That’s all I have to say have a wonderful day!

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