Destiny 2 Team Beats Raid, Unlocks New Activities For Everyone

Destiny 2 Team Beats Raid, Unlocks New Activities For Everyone
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After 18 hours and 48 minutes of playing, a Destiny 2 team named Clan Redeem were the first players in the world to finish the game’s Last Wish raid that released yesterday. When they defeated the raid boss, some new changes appeared in the game for every other player of Destiny 2.

When players entered The Dreaming City after Clan Redeem completed the raid, they were treated to a cutscene that explained some of the events that triggered a curse that flowed out of the raid zone and impacted the world of Destiny 2. As Bungie hinted on their Twitter, the death of Riven of a Thousand Voices has set off an unpredictable chain of events.

In practical terms, the changes that have been made to Destiny 2 are varied. There is a new Strike called The Corrupted to play, which Kirk Hamilton told me is “very, very cool.” There’s an additional story mission that can be picked up from Petra, and there’s a new Gambit map called Cathedral of Stars.

Players are also reporting things like a new heroic mode for The Blind Well event and some new corruption-y visual effects that appear in The Dreaming City.

This isn’t the first time that Bungie have locked interesting new things behind raid completion. Emperor’s Respite, a Crucible map, was unlocked for all Destiny 2 players after the first completion of the Leviathan raid last year.

It seems that people are still discovering neat new side effects of the massive battle, and it is unclear which of these things will reset on Tuesday, so a lot more remains to be discovered and revealed in the aftermath of the raid completion.


  • Now this was awesome. I was playing the game doing bounties, chatting with my clan who were running some gambit matches. Tablet had Redeems stream playing right in front of me. And then all of a sudden they get world first. Next thing I know my clan tells me as soon as their match ended they got the message on screen saying the raid was beaten.

    What I think makes this milestone in the game even better isn’t that it was done in 24 hours and they got an exclusive emblem, guaranteed exotic, championship belt and they can buy a jacket. It’s that their actions in completing the raid impacted the world so much. It’s like in wow during legion, when you defeated Archimonde, in Tomb of Sargeras, the skybox changed to show Argus. Only this time it was one set of people that made the impact to the rest of the players

    • Absolutely agree. I wish more MMO style games had this kind of impact when something major happens. Makes you feel like you’re a part of a world instead of just your own instance.

      • Back in the day, Everquest had The Sleeper. It was a dragon deep in a dungeon in the second expansion, basically unbeatable. Except that one time. Or was it twice. That’s another story though.

        I remember it being a big thing when a server woke The Sleeper. It was a one off thing, and once done couldn’t be undone. He’d go on a game wide rampage and one shot entire zones, and then head off somewhere. Cant remember where but it changed the zone and the expansions story forever.

        After that, the zone changed forever for raiding. Bosses were different, drops were different, and most of the good stuff people would farm was gone for good. Not as big a change as this, but it felt significant at the time.

        One server even killed him, which is a story in itself. Was never meant to happen, so Sony despawned the mob @ 25%, and created something that went across games, let alone servers.

        This sort of thing creates stories. And should be done more, as you say. Sadly, I don’t think most online games really have the resources to do it these days, with only a handful of exceptions. Destiny, Fortnite, WoW… Maybe GTA:O could pull it off, I dunno.

        • I’d imagine it like a shared universe. Imagine if a single player campaign like Spiderman had a boss like Mysterio appear only at certain moments, maybe after completing secret objectives, and if he’s defeated every game suddenly gets patched and new objectives are revealed. The patch would just be waiting there to be uploaded once the objective is beaten. Would be a good way to bring in the Spiderverse by suggesting that there are millions of alternate universes (i.e. players) and they’re all somehow connected.

          • Yeah, there are ways to do it, I just wonder if they think its worth the effort.

            If they go to all that effort and it doesn’t get triggered, its a waste, and that’s money. I think some games lend themselves better to the idea, and with games as a service I think its something more should consider, but it would still be a costly experiment.

            I wonder if the snowflakes out there would start complaining about locked content as well, expecting that it should be available without the effort – picture a game like that across platforms, and something being unlocked on PS4 but not PC or Xbone. They whinge about less these days.

            Its something more games should explore though, especially with the Games as a Service mentality.

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