Devolver Digital Offers To Do Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Port For Rockstar (Sort Of)

Devolver Digital Offers To Do Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Port For Rockstar (Sort Of)
Image: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption on PC? Didn’t happen. How about RDR2? That’s also a dead horse, well-whipped. But that hasn’t stopped one eager publisher from putting up its hand and offering to handle the desktop version of Rockstar’s upcoming open-world gunslinger.

Our First Look At Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay

Rockstar today showed off a first look at the western Red Dead Redemption II, which comes out October 26 for PS4 and Xbox One, and it looks like a fascinating evolution of the first one. Most importantly, this time you can brush your horse.

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In response to the news of RDR2‘s online beta, Devolver Digital, best known as the publisher behind the Serious Sam franchise and recent Shadow Warrior revivals, decided to have some fun at Rockstar’s expense.

Let’s break this down. You see the first tweet and you think “you’re telling me… there’s a chance?”

By the second one, it’s clear we’re in joke territory.

And upon reading the third one… well…

Somehow — and I might be jumping the gun here — I don’t think Rockstar’s going to take up Devolver’s rather kind offer.

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Alas, a project to bring Red Dead Redemption to the PC using Grand Theft Auto 5 has come to a sad, yet predictable end. It appears developer Rockstar and publisher Take-Two didn't take the work of modding group White Team too seriously... that is, until it released a trailer. Shortly after the drop, the video disappeared from YouTube.

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    • I reckon they will man. Gtav has been in the top 10 best selling steam games every month since release. A lot of that time is spent in the top 3 seemingly at random.

      • That will depends how much money Sony and Microsoft is willing to pay to keep it console only. If the sales did not hit the target, it will come to PC eventually.

          • I could buy one today, but I can’t decide between PS4 Pro or Xbox One X. It keeps me up at night.

          • nah cause then I’ll be wondering how much better it looks in 4K or how much better it’ll run at 1080p on an X or Pro. I’m about to look conceited but the cost isn’t a deciding factor for me.. rather that the Xbox x is “technically” better but the ps4 pro has more exclusives that I’m interested in.

      • RDR was one of the most asked for ports to the PC and it never happened. They would have made buckets of money from that as well. And we’ve never heard a single word on rhe subject from R*.

        It’s just not going to happen. RDR2 is not coming out for the PC and R* will remain silent on this too.

  • Rockstar will probably just do what they did with GTA 5. Release the PC version a year later for the double dips. Perhaps it may come sooner because I would imagine by now they are familiar with developing for PC but who da heck knows.

  • Simple: play it on a console. Loads of great games don’t release on PC.
    Staunch PC-only gamers are only hurting themselves. Plus their carry-on is pretentious and yawn-inducing.

    • I’ve never met a PC-only gamer. At the very least they all have consoles for exclusives and PC (rightfully) for everything else. What’s wrong with wanting the best version of a sure to be amazing game? Nothing. That’s what. You’re the pretentious sounding one here making dumb assumptions.

      • I’m a PC only player. I hate using console controllers with an absolute passion. I find then clunky, cramped and lacking usability …. especially those horrible thimbstuck contraptions. I would use a console if they had a usable contol method.

        • Strange considering that they’re designed purely for usability! I mean, I’ve seen videos of 3 year olds mastering them. Xbox controllers are great, and even if you’ve never picked one up in your life, it only takes a few hours to get the hang of it, my husband playing Halo with me is proof of that. The problem with using a kb/m on a console (which can be done) is that the games are designed for controllers, with aim assist etc that would make you sick to see in a PC game, so you probably wouldn’t really want to anyway. I think in future console generations we might see dedicated kb/m support with a kb/m mode in games as they continue to become more like PC’s.

      • Exactly. I am a PC gamer first as that’s where multi platform games look the best and are played best imo. But I also own a PS4, Xbox One, Switch and 3ds.

        • Lol. There are plenty of PC only gamers and the way they carry on is absolutely pretentious. All you have to do is read gaming forums. Nothing I said was pretentious. Snarky perhaps. Looking up the definition of the word might help.

          • It’s all based around an arms race to have the best graphics when graphics are not the most important thing.
            Pretentious because these people try to shit all over console gamers because consoles are closed systems and generational.
            If any of you actually think there are no people like this, you’re delusional.

          • Yes, it was, perhaps you should be the one looking up definitions kid. There’s your problem, reading toxic online gaming forums instead of oh I don’t know, talking to actual people. There’s more to the world than your bedroom and the dumb assumptions you make therein, starting with it being about graphics, which is just one small aspect of many. The vast vast majority of those who want a PC version of this game are not PC only gamers, most will probably even play it on console first as with GTAV.

    • Not sure why you are getting down voted. R* have always been console first and PC is an afterthought – if at all. You want to play their games? Get it for a console or play the long waiting game and see.
      Yes in an ideal world, every game would release on every console/PC together at the same time – but that’s never going to happen.
      I own a PC and play a bunch of PC only titles too.

      • Its getting downvoted because its such a negative comment. It amounts to “don’t like it, suck it up” which is as pretentious and boring as any comment from a PC gamer can be. Which, as plenty of others have since pointed out, doesn’t really exist any more any way.

  • There is zero chance they would not bring it to PC. I mean even if it sold half as well on PC as GTA V did that’s still millions of copies.

    • It’s going to be the same as GTA V. It’ll spend possibly a year or so enjoying console exclusivity, then they’ll announce a PC version and a remastered version of part 1.

    • RDR never came to the PC. Its been THE most asked for PC port ever and It would have sold a tonne of units as well. GTA has always been on the PC. Red Dead has never been on the PC. Thats not going to change now. It’s not coming to PC …. ever. I refuse to hold out any hope.

      • This was a reply in a forum thread I frequent that sums up why RDR 1 didnt come to PC and why RDR 2 will. All credit to NeonKitten over at Whirlpool forums.

        “RDR was, at least according to more recent articles about it, an absolute nightmare code-wise, to the point where even getting it onto PS3 was a hack job. They did initially suggest a PC version was coming, then ruled it out later and I’d guess that’d be the bit they looked at the code and went… “nope”.

        RDR2 on the other hand is being developed for two consoles that are, essentially, PCs. A port would be nothing but trivial, and you can bet real actual cash money that one will show up down the line. Pretty sure they said “never ever” to a GTA5 PC port as well, and now they are getting fat off the billions that’s raking in for them.”

        Well for starters there have been slips in the past to say it will come which are listed in here
        Also this quote when asked re Red Dead Redemption 1
        “All we can say is that whenever it is viable (technically, developmentally and business-wise) for us to release a game for PC (or any other particular platform)—we will and we usually do; unfortunately, that is just not the case 100% of the time for all platforms.”

        Think about it from a business point of view.

        RDR1 sold less than 20 million copies total. Best I could find was around 15 million as of 2015. GTA V has sold near 100 million. At the very least over 12 million on PC. Now of course RDR 2 is not going to hit those numbers, its just not going to happen.
        If they could even sell 2 million copies on PC, and that’s a low estimate given boat loads of people would double dip, then that would be somewhere close to $100 million more to them. There is no way porting it would cost even $10 million. If they really didn’t bring it to pc it would be a stupendously stupid business decision. And I don’t believe Rockstar are stupid. By saying “nope not coming to PC” its getting anyone potentially waiting for it to buy the console version first.

        Eh just my opinion but I would be willing to bet it will come. Only time will tell 😉

        tldr: yes it will.

  • Rockstar will release it for PC once they figure out their loot box and cash cow online marketplace for the game so all you sheep can spend your hard earned cash on fake and useless items ingame…

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