Don't Play Terrible Games, Watch Them

Playing terrible video games is an artform, one that the people behind the Big Bad Game-A-Thon have mastered for some unfathomable reason. You can witness the madness yourself this weekend.

Awful Games Done Quick is one of the most popular parts of the massive Awesome Games Done Quick speedrunning marathon. If you've ever wanted more of that nonsense then the Big Bad Game-A-Thon is for you and it's on now.

I'm not even sure why most of the games in the Big Bad Game-A-Thon even exist. There's the MS-DOS version of Mega Man, a bootleg Donkey Kong game for the Gameboy and licensed games aplenty. Oh and the Phillips CD-i Zelda games because it's impossible to have a bad game marathon without these abominations.

Not only do these games somehow exist but people are willing to speedrun them for our entertainment. What a world we live in.

You can watch the marathon below. Enjoy?


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