Epic Games Says Fortnite’s New Breast Physics Were ‘Unintended, Embarrassing, Careless’

Epic Games Says Fortnite’s New Breast Physics Were ‘Unintended, Embarrassing, Careless’

Fortnite players noticed something unusual about the new Calamity skin in the season six update: Her breasts have an undeniable jiggle when she performs the “Jubilation” emote. According to Epic, that was unintentional and a fix is on the way.

The Calamity cowgirl skin is one of the two main new character skins in the latest season of Fortnite. These skins drop at the first tier of the paid battle pass. As you collect more XP, complete challenges and level up the battle pass, Calamity gets more elaborate outfits, including a black leather trench coat and spike-lined gloves.

As cool as the completely levelled up legendary skin looks, that isn’t what people are talking about at the moment. Instead, they’ve noticed the way her breasts bounce up and down in her most basic unlevelled outfit, the tier one outfit, when she does the Jubilation emote.

Streamer FaZe Agony shared a short video of it on Twitter, which got passed around on social media as other fans noticed the change. Calamity’s breasts don’t budge during the default boogie dance; this one emote appears to be the only outlier.

A spokesperson for Epic Games called the new breast physics a mistake. “This is unintended, embarrassing, and it was careless for us to let this ship,” they said. “We are working now to fix this as soon as possible.”

When asked how something this seemingly elaborate gets unintentionally programmed into a massive update for the most popular game in the world, the spokesperson did not elaborate further.


    • All those unsupervised 12 year old playing the game might have their fragile little minds warped since jiggling CGI boobs is clearly the worst thing they might encounter online.

    • Physics. Normal breasts, or any parts of the body that have a large amount of fatty tissue, do not actually have their own momentum that they continue to follow until the movement of the body pulls them in another direction. They are actually quite rigidly fixed to the body as immovable protrusions.

      • So, like in the GIF above, when she is kind of jogging on the spot, you’d expect some jiggle, right?

        • Yeah right? I’m about as unemotionally invested in this as a person could be, but the level of ‘embarrassment’ these guys are announcing is so confusing.

          • Maybe he’s referring to the standard of the animation being unintended, embarrassing and careless rather than the existence of the animation? “We’ll patch in much better breast-jiggling in our next update.”

  • Man, I hate it when I’m at work and accidentally animate some jiggling breasts. Can happen to anyone, though, I suppose. Just one of those things.

    • This is the neo-Victorian age of prudishness. Anything remotely sexual is off-limits!*

      *except if you are objectifying men, because we can’t object to that without abusing our privilege…

      • If any game developer is going to err on the prudish side, it probably makes sense for the one making the most popular game with school-age children to do so.

  • Not embarrassing at all.

    Oh wait, I forgot it’s the current climate.

    OMG how embarrassinggggg omggggggg

    • Yep thats the thing. Nobody cares. And yet collectively the “outrage” exists. What causes it? The internet? Modern media? It’s like it has a life of its own. We need to kill it. Asap.

      • I can’t see any actual outrage from this tbh (though I haven’t looked particularly hard). It seems like Epic are just pre-empting it and prostrating themselves.. just in case? It’s weird for sure.

      • I had it best summed up as follows:

        Previous generations fought for the right to be offended by others

        Current generation fights for the right to not be offended. Ever.

  • It ain’t proper jiggling unless it’s slapping the floor before rebounding upwards and knocking you out.

  • go watch any King of fighters game with Mai shiranui and then try to complaign about this.

    they dont jiggle, its a full on wobble and sway.

  • I was expecting some Japanese Game Tier Breast Jiggling by the way Epic are behaving.

    They’ve just shot themselves in the foot with their reaction to it.

  • Something something DoA…. Seriously though this is a thing? Darn tomb raider.. Those trianges…

    seriously though… cereal… serial… yep mind blown.

  • I’m not OFFENDED by that animation, but it does look incredibly bad and not at all realistic, so I can see why they’d want to patch it for that reason alone.

  • > “When asked how something this seemingly elaborate gets unintentionally programmed into a massive update for the most popular game in the world, the spokesperson did not elaborate further.”

    Iiiiiis… that a joke? It’s not “unintentional” in the slightest. Jiggle physics would already be in the engine, as part of the model deformation physics. Or, rather, they ARE model deformation physics. Jiggle physics – a completely separate physics phenomenon that affects the breasts only – isn’t real, you know. It’s just a subset of how fluids and partial fluids behave under gravity modeled into the game. It’s like hair physics. It already exists in the Unreal Engine. That’s what the Unreal Engine is used for – NOT having to implement your own physics engine.

    Most likely, it’s just a few options they mess with when creating the model’s mesh.

    Or, I guess, it could literally just be something that was animated in a hard-coded way (that is, it’s part of the animation, and not the breasts actually being affected by physics), and the game doesn’t actually have jiggle physics at all.

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