Fan Remakes Rock Song Using Battlefield V Sounds

Fan Remakes Rock Song Using Battlefield V Sounds

A fan with a lot of time on their hands has recreated The White Stripes’s classic “Seven Nation Army,” which was released 15 years ago, with the sound effects from Battlefield V.

I have a fascination with this kind of thing. I love the idea of recreating recognisable music with tools that definitely were not designed for making music, and the sound effects from Battlefield V are maybe the furthest thing from music that you can find.

And yet this work by UMadBroYolo is very easily recognisable as “Seven Nation Army.” It is the song. Like some kind of video game cover-obsessed STOMP, this is a brilliant showcase of what a bunch of sounds can do.


  • I generally like these, but am more impressed when they don’t alter the sounds to get the right pitch. If you are going to do it, do it right and find all the right sounds and right pitches to make the song sound correct. It’s like using auto tune for voices…

  • This video straddled a weird balance of pitch shifting effects. Not enough pitch shifting to be pitch perfect accurate, and too much to make it as impressive as just finding the pitches in the stock samples. Was a little underwhelmed, if I’m honest.

    Though, quick aside, don’t knock autotune on voices – yes, it can be used obnoxiously to ‘inject talent’ but it’s also used far more commonly than you might expect in pretty much any genre you can name, even for singers who wouldn’t theoretically need it, and you’d likely never notice it was there. Just another tool to help a songwriter/producer achieve their vision.

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