Film Victoria Wants To Hire A Gamedev

Here's a job with a bit of a twist: if you're someone who's worked in the marketing, producing, programming or artistry of video games, Film Victoria would very much like you to consider working for them instead.

The state government body has opened up a full-time position for a Games and Digital Content officer, clarifying that they would like "a member of the games community with a sound understanding of the Australian games industry" to join their office.

The role would help Film Victoria execute programs that support the games and digital media elements of the screen industry, helping administer program funding, maintaining industry relationships, and assessing Film Victoria applications.

According to the position description, the role would pay between $75,271 and $80,987.

"Demonstrated experience working in games development in one or more roles (producer, programmer, artist, marketer, etc.), preferably within Victoria, including sufficient technical knowledge to run games on common platforms (PCs, mobile devices, and modern consoles)," the position description adds.

The applicant would also have to build "robust filing systems" for funding applications while researching best practices in the video games industry.

For more information, head to the Film Victoria site here and the position description. Applications are open until September 30.


    This doesn't seem like a position aimed at developers or anyone who actually wants to be in the games industry. It looks more like they want a liaison officer that understands and can negotiate with people in the games industry in order to provide more focused support from Film Victoria.

    Last edited 10/09/18 3:50 pm

      Well to be specific, it's targeted at people who have worked as developers (or are developers/producers etc.) that might want to move sideways. It's a liaison role for sure, but they want someone to build bridges who can speak the same language.

        For sure. I was more pointing out that anyone clicking on the article thinking that Film Victoria was looking to start up a gaming division might want to keep looking.

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