Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Is Coming To The PS4

Action role-playing game Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is getting a remastered version for the PS4.

Titled Crystal Chronicles Remastered Edition, the game will be released in Japan next year with global multiplayer.

No word yet on an international release.


    Whoops. Dropped the ball on this one Kotaku. The announcement was for both PS4 AND Switch - the console made for FF weebs everywhere.

      Came here to say the same thing. I saw this article on Kotaku last night and was surprised that a remastered version would be exclusive to the PS4. Then browsed reddit this morning to find it wasn't. Did Brian just not know, or did he choose to be selective? Not a great look in either case.

        Yeah was gonna say it too. It's coming to Switch as well.

    Was gonna say... The game was specifically made for Nintendo systems. Like, party funded by Nintendo! It was an interesting, if flawed experiment. You really needed 4 people to make it worthwhile. And even then, someone had to get lumped with carrying the damn bucket.

      Wait, this isn't the game where you made a town and send dudes out to fight in dungeons?

        Nope! This is the very first Crystal Chronicles game where you needed to use GBA's in order to play in multiplayer (Gamecube controller for single). It's a little repetitive and doesn't have much of a story (some cutscenes here and there, with a huge plot dump right at the end), but I still enjoyed it.

        People are divisive on the gameplay/game itself (some love, some hate), but I think everyone can agree the music is pretty damn great:

          Oh right, I am thinking of some Final Fantasy Wiiware. I have no idea what it was called now.

    Really hoping there's going to be a cable to link GBAs to a Switch so that we can play this game as the gods intended.

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