Finally, A Live-Action Transformers Movie I Want To See

Finally, A Live-Action Transformers Movie I Want To See

Five films and 11 years later, the Transformers movie folks finally got the robot designs right. The latest trailer for December’s Bumblebee movie is packed with the first generation Autobots and Decepticons long-time fans have been waiting for. Ravage, eject!

Bumblebee is set in the late ‘80s, a couple of decades before the Transformers’ war came to the Earth full-force in 2007’s Transformers. So it makes sense that Bumblebee is a run-down Volkswagen Beetle instead of a Camaro. And since the Autobots and Decepticons on Cybertron haven’t adapted Earth forms yet, they look more like the ‘bots and ‘cons we’re used to.

For example, this is definitely Shockwave, hanging out with a bunch of Seekers (AKA Decepticon jets.)

Image Shockwave only needs one eye, thank you very much.

And while we don’t see him for more than a second, Optimus Prime is looking much more like his original cartoon counterpart than the complicated pile of parts he’s been in movies one through five.

Image I wonder if his fists come off and get lost in the toy box.

Then we have what I am guessing is Starscream. He still has a bit of the Michael Bay-bot jankiness, but look at the face. Those little ear dealies on either side are pure generation one. That’s enough Starscream (or whichever Seeker) for me.

Image It’s like seeing a ghost.

There are new characters, like the pair of triple changers showing off below.

Image Freaking triple changers

Their names are Shatter and Dropkick, and while they do obnoxiously change from flying vehicles to cars for no reason other than to show off, the red one is voiced by Angela Bassett, so they get a pass.

There have been plenty of big stars in Transformers movies, so as exciting as Bassett is, she’s not what I’m really excited about. I’m excited about finally feeling like someone making these bastards finally decided to throw us old school fans a little love. Even if it ends up being too little, too late.

Image Look at the Cybertronian Seekers! Look at them!

We’ll see what happens when Bumblebee arrives in theatres December 20. Check out the full trailer below.


  • It’d be easy to sit here being salty & cynical given the car-crash movies that have come before but I’m just going to keep my fingers crossed & nurture this cautious optimism – the first time in a long time (probably since the first live-action movie was announced) I can say anything close to that!

    • The are still too may elements of the previous that leave a bad taste.
      I don’t understand why bumble bee can’t talk, does it add anything to the story? Because otherwise its a dumb kids movie trope.
      I’m also seeing too many human moments, and the shots of transformers doing one thing and humans doing something completely different that aren’t related. Something that bugs me with all TF live actions. If your going to make a transformers movie, make it about the transformers.

    • Starscream to me actually looks like he’s in the first picture above, the one that’s focusing on Shockwave. He’s just to the right of him in the picture. At least, that looks like Starscream to me.

      • That’s exactly where he is. Starscream is in Cybertron flashbacks, as are all the major Transformers apparently (this information has leaked previously and pretty much been confirmed with this trailer). However, the primary antagonist in the movie is Blitzwing, who is supported with the other two triplechangers. Apparently the reasoning, is since they never appeared in the other 5 movies, this won’t conflict with the logic (hah!) established in those ones. Bumblebee can therefor kill these without impacting the other movies any.

        • Yeah I was more pointing out that the image Fahey thought was Starscream isn’t actually Starscream, but he seems to have completely missed him in the image he *does* seem to appear in.

          • Yep indeed. I’m just pumped for this now. Even if the movie does turn out to be average, at least we’ve finally got visually accurate G1 transformers in live action 🙂

  • Oh and can I just point out we see in the trailer the Decepticons have FOOLED THE MILITARY into thinking *theyre the goodguys*. They’re painting Bumblebee as a fugitive from the law. They’re tricking people, being *deceptive*. That’s way more than Bays pieces of crap *ever* did. I’m so stoked for this 😀

    • Just to follow up; anyone who isn’t a nut/would like to be/know more – the tfwiki Haoran links is pretty awesome, but it’s also (imo) very much worth your time checking out Chris McFeely’s youtube channel; he has a series called Transformers: The Basics that i’ve really been enjoying!

      Transformers: Devastation is cheap as chips & a great way to get into the G1 groove games wise too, or check out the IDW comics (McFeely has a ‘where to start vid!) if that’s more your thing!

      NB: I don’t contribute or have any skin in the game of any of these resources, just a transformers nut since a kid!

  • Hooray! It looks like they’re doing the transformations properly this time.
    Amazing how much better things look when Michael Bay doesn’t get his grubby paws on them.

  • Still garbage. They just can’t do what people actually want. Everything has to be “updated” and “sleek”. This modern world has the power to do anything it wants, but instead it does the most garbage versions of things.

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