First Look At Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience 

Want to swing a Keyblade around in VR? You can. However, Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience is less a game and more of an experience. Hence the title!

Players can soak up music and visuals from different Kingdom Hearts, watch various scenes, and meet different characters. You can wield a Keyblade, yes, but this isn’t a full-on Kingdom Hearts VR game.

Think of it as a Kingdom Hearts virtual-reality buffet.


    A shame that they decided to do this on the worst VR headset of the big 3, but i don't think anyone will be surprised that they released it on a console only either.

      Why would they release it on a PC when no previous KH game has been released on a PC before...?

        Which is why i said i don't think anyone would be suprised.

      If you say that then I doubt you have tried the psvr. It is not without its issues but it doesn't deserve the title of worst.

        Doubt away my friend. But i own a vive and have had extensive use of the oculus. I have also used PSVR about 5 times in both controlled sony experiences and just random setup's showcasing a game.
        The PSVR's tracking is the worst of the lot. The way the screen resolution looks on PSVR feels very similar to oculus but the vive screen feels better (and the vives screen offers an imperfect experiences imo).

        The PSVR's comfort level is head and shoulders above vive and oculus though, but at the end of the day it just doesn't have strong enough hardware backing it up to make it anything more than 3rd place compared to these other VR units.

        That's an extremely short take on these VR units though and doesn't really cover things such as ease of use, barrier to entry/cost and so on (which would be in PSVR's favor). I'm just looking at the end user experience.

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