First Look At The Last Remnant Remastered For PS4

Originally released on the Xbox 360 in 2008, The Last Remnant was ported to the PC the following year. It announced for the PS3, but that release never happened. Now a decade later, the game is coming to PlayStation.

Square Enix has announced The Last Remnant Remastered as a download-only title.

It will be released on December 6, 2018 in Japan. No word yet about an international release.


    Played on PC when it came out 10 years ago. It actually got me off WoW for about 3 weeks and made me long for more Final Fantasy.
    Good game and very underrated IMO.

    TERRIBLE game, no idea why they'd bother.

      An announcement video that shows no gameplay. Good choice.

        Enh, ignore that guy. It's actually a pretty good game. A lot of classic JRPG overworld navigation stuff (sorta FF9-10 era), paired with a really interesting battle system that focuses on units and their interaction with each other through positioning and morale. Really great stuff that transcends standard ATB+'should I haste my melee or my caster' JRPG fare.

        It definitely deserves a closer look.

    Typical. I just brought it for the PC before it was removed.

    hopefully the remaster fixes all of the bugs.

    So this is why they removed (to purchase) on Steam, I've owned the game since original release on Xbox360 and then on Steam, so more than likely they will release over Steam again and want a full purchase price to resell what is basically the same game (with upgrades??).

      It's $20, not full price. But otherwise what you described is basically how remasters work, yeah.

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