Football Fans Throw Controllers Onto Field In Protest Against Esports

Football Fans Throw Controllers Onto Field In Protest Against Esports
An AP report described this as “a slogan opposing electronic gaming leagues” | Image: RTS Sport

A football game in the Swiss league was halted on Sunday when fans threw tennis balls—and control pads, some emblazoned with the words “FUCK ESPORTS”—onto the field.

As the Associated Press reports (via Eurogamer), the Young Boys vs Basel game in the Swiss Super League was held up for around two minutes while stewards cleared the field, after Young Boys fans dressed in black hoodies hurled the balls and pads onto the surface in the middle of the match. They also unfurled a giant flag displaying a “pause” icon, while the travelling Basel fans also had banners out in protest.

Image: RTS Sports

Why all the fuss? Fans are angry that football clubs are spending money on esports outfits (Bern has its own FIFA team, for example) when they feel that money could be better spent on the actual team.

There wasn’t as much solidarity on the field; Young Boys ended up winning with a very FIFA scoreline of 7-1.

Image: RTS Sports


  • Here I was thinking that steam review downvoting for political reasons was the silliest form of gamer protest possibly… then I read this. I cant help wonder was there like a full on riot/pitch invasion afterwards, when everyone decided to get back their $100 controllers and were fighting over which controller was theirs?

  • Imagine being so fragile. That your sports team investing in something sends you off on a tailspin.

    You really do have to question why these sporty types feel so threatened by esports.

  • Although I don’t condone their actions they are doing it in protest of their club spending money on an esports team instead of their team. The thing is, that money a lot of it comes from those fans, through merchandise, ticket sales and membership fees. They actually have a legitimate reason to be upset that money they have paid to their club is being syphoned off. But no continue with attacks about their manhood etc. Your intellect is so above theirs.

    • You could have replied to me directly but ill bite.

      My manhood comments is due to my experience dealing with these types and engaging in conversation with them in an attempt to get them to justify their views. More of than not their reply is that video games are not a sport and then proceed revert to high school levels of insults calling the people who compete in esports wimpy virgin nerds or similar, Essentially behaving like unintelligent apes.

      If these people were genuinely concerned about the way money is being spent, They would have done it in an intelligent manner, And not the equivalent of an ape throwing its excrement.

      Although it isn’t mentioned in this article. These types of fans are known as ultras, Who are militant fans who often engage in acts of physical violence both inside and outside matches and pride themselves on how many opposition fans they assault. Recently this year an ultras group almost rioted because a club wanted to force women to be allowed into the areas in stadiums where they sit. They legitimately said ultras are for men only and women would ruin it.

      Ultras are very precious about their “Manhood”

      So you are free to disagree with my assertion. But my experience with these types says otherwise.

      • If I wanted to reply directly to you I would, as I am now. You are not the only one to comment with the same sentiment.
        An intelligent manner? Like gamers do, should they have review bombed their club?
        Maybe some doxxin’, or random death and rape threats on social media? That’s more how gamers do it isn’t it?
        But no these guys must be unintelligent apes for taking part in a non-violent protest. Your hatred of sport and bias against does show throw a bit too much in your reply.

        My statement still stands, they feel their money (as mentioned a lot of it would be their invested money) is being wasted and it is their form of protest, I’m deeply sorry they are protesting something you like, but tough.

        • Your hatred of sport and bias against does show throw a bit too much in your reply.

          Right.. My hatred of sport and bias against it.

          I hate sport so much ive had a Melbourne victory membership since the start of aleague
          I hate sport so much i attend AFL games
          I hate sport so much i regularly get up late at night to watch English Premier league and Bundesliga matches live instead of the next day.

          Clearly, i am biased against sport and deeply hate it and not instead have a great dislike for a minority like those presented above.

          With detective skills like yours you could easily solve crimes.

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