Fortnite Season 6 Brings Adorable Pets

Fortnite’s season six is here. There’s no big event this time around, but there are new items, new areas to get eliminated in, and look at the puppy.

Season five ended with the game’s long-moving cube dissolving into Loot Lake and turning the surface bouncy. With season six, the cube has launched an island into the sky. You can fly up to it via the lake’s swirling vortex. It’s pretty cool.

More exciting than flying islands, though, are new pets, which ride on your back. I, for the first time in my life, purchased the battle pass in order to get the dog you see at the top of the post. When I jumped off the bus it howled in panic, and I think I heard it bark in defeat when I got eliminated.

There’s also a dragon and a chameleon you can unlock later in the battle pass, but why would you choose any pet, real or virtual, over a dog?

Other changes include the introduction of “shadow stones”, consumables that turn you invisible when you stand still. You can’t use your weapon when you’re invisible, but you can use your primary fire button to phase through objects.

I haven’t seen it in action in a match, but in some ways it takes the place of the vaulted bouncers, letting you make a quick, cyberpunk getaway.

On console, matchmaking will now be based on input. Epic says players using mouse and keyboard on PS4 will “now be put into the PC matchmaking pool”. You can switch from KBM to a controller in the middle of the match, but you can’t switch from controller.

Epic has vaulted the suppressed submachine gun, impulse grenade, light machine gun and remote explosives as well. Changes have been made to the circle, which now has a shortened wait time for shrinking but takes longer to shrink. There’s a spooky castle at Haunted Hills and some other new map changes I haven’t survived long enough to see. Check out the full patch notes for all the nitty-gritty.

It’s a little disappointing not to have a big event, but these changes feel fun, which is what I most want out of Fortnite. Also, dog.


    I can see it now.

    "Epic posts $1 Billion in 2018/19 profits"

      I think that estimate is too conservative!

        True. But I'm just holding out until the Fortnite Movie gets announced

          Action figures and collectibles are just around the corner.

      So should we just stuff money into envelopes? Or is it best to wait until we have enough to fill an airbag?

    It's getting worse.

      Yes, any dignity Epic had has been unashamedly abandoned by the wayside.

        They're not really even trying to tie it all together anymore are they? It's just a bunch of random crap.

          It seems like they basically just wanted to have a Halloween theme this season and said 'screw it' to the overarching story after whatever the hell was going on last season (I still have nfi what the actual theme was supposed to be there).

          I don't see why they would bother. Does anyone actually play multiplayer shooters for the story?

    Great match winning strategy! Nobody is going to shoot a dog, so if you have one on your back the entire game, you are guaranteed to win.

    I have never had the urge to play Fortnite un.. -SQUIRREL!!- ...until now.

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