Future Publishing Buys PC Powerplay, Hyper, PC & Tech Authority

A trio of long-running Australian PC and gaming magazines - Hyper, PC & Tech Authority and PC Powerplay - has just changed hands, with Future Publishing announcing that it has acquired the titles and staff from Nextmedia.

In an official release today, Future Publishing Australia - which publishes the official Xbox and PlayStation magazines, TechLife, Tech Radar, PC Gamer and APC - announced that they have purchased the three titles. The staffers working on them: editors Ben Mansill and David Hollingworth, along with Cameron Ferris, will also jump to the Future ship under the deal.

While Hyper and PC Powerplay will continue to be published as standalone titles, the release noted that PC & Tech Authority would be folded into APC. Furthermore, PC Powerplay's online site would be rolled into PC Gamer, according to a post from the editor.


    Hopefully this means that Hyper can continue for years to come. It gives it a, uh, future, you might even say.

    I still remember picking up the first issue of Hyper in a newsagent and hating it because it didn't review NES games.

      ahh Good ole Issue #1 starting off a major piece about Virtual Sex, which got them a massive amount of hate from the Helen Lovejoys of the time

    Remember the green ass theme they had on Hyperactive.com back in the day?

      I only ever remember the subSilver theme from the forums. Did anyone actually use the main site ever?

    Imagine if Hyper came back as an e-download title, that’d be great. Can’t say the Hyper reviews online have been all that flash since the magazine effectively disappeared. Lookup the God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn reviews, ouch.

    Im suprised these magazines still exist.

    Maybe Hyper will start turning up on time for a change or even better go back to been an awesome monthly magazine! Also, maybe, they won't have so many spelling mistakes....

    It saddens me that Hyper is only published quarterly nowadays. It was my favourite magazine by miles. A multiformat (I worship at the altar of gaming, not one brand) magazine written by Aussies, like me!
    I miss monthly Hyper magazine.

      yep and had actual great reviewers as well with Cam Shea and Dan "former Kotaku.Au editor" Wildgoose

        Yeh towards the end of the monthly I maybe started disagreeing with their review scores a tad, but for over 20 years I would almost always agree with how they rated a game, they never steered me wrong. So many great writers, David W, Eliot Fish, Big Cam Shea, the lovable Amis Hong, Dan Staines whose sometime pretentiousness was immediately forgiven once having read one of his many clever reviews, Dan Wilks a very passionate and cranky gamer, the crazy bat shit that James OConnor would crank out...man that magazine was like family to me. There were so many other great writers ive forgotten about too. I truly do miss it and the quarterly just isn't the same to me

        I always liked the opinion pieces.
        Back in the days before the internet it was a good way to get a little bit of someone else's perspective.
        Good times.

    I thought Hyper was dead!
    I bought pretty much every issue from the Quake 2 cover til 2014, when it went quarterly.

      Same dude, I still have most of them in my shed haha

    Damn I miss Hyper (also Nintendo Gamer).

    That said, not sure how to feel about this. Aside from being trusty old mainstays, I always hated Future's gaming mags back in the day, especially when they were copy-pasted UK versions with local references replaced to make them "Australian".

    PCPP Still exists as a print magazine? thats awesome :) havent read it since like 2005 lol

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