Grab The Closest The PC Has To F-Zero, Redout, For $30

Grab The Closest The PC Has To F-Zero, Redout, For $30
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While the fan-made Ballistic NG gives PC users a very authentic, oldschool WipEout experience, it doesn’t have that same cutting edge visuals. And if you happen to prefer more of a F-Zero flavour to your racing, then there’s really only one option.

There are few opportunities in this job where you have the chance to be wrong – and delightful about it. Redout was one of those. Exhausted after years of waiting for fast-paced racers to make the jump from Sony’s platform, anything to replicate the speed of Pod Racer or Hi Octane or Rollcage, I’d given up hope. And then, not long after expressing my feelings as such, 34BigThings did everyone a solid and proved me well and truly wrong.

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Over the last couple of years the options have since expanded, but the prettiest and the most insane – especially if you like lots of motion blur, with the track whizzing past at almost imperceptible detail – is still Redout. The developers released an Enhanced Edition in March last year, upgrading the game to Unreal Engine 4.

Fanatical has the Complete Edition, with all the DLC, for $29.59 right now (Aussie, not USD). You’ll get at least 20 hours from the main game, possibly 60 or 70 if you want to ace all the tracks. Head here for more info.

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