Here's 15 Minutes From That Stoner Koala Detective Game

Everyone's busy talking about iPhone this and that, so let's switch tack a little. To that game about the private investigator that's also a stoned koala.

We talked a little about STONE when it was first announced, but this time there's some actual gameplay. It covers about 15 minutes from the opening chapter, and has the developer talking through some of the various influences and bits and pieces you can mess with.

For instance, there's an Ableton Push-type deck where you can mess around with beats. And you can pop on the TV to watch an Australian silent film from 1919. All 55 minutes of it. Should help Americans with Australian slang.

The rest of the opening chapter ends up in a club, where you talk to some foxes and crocodiles. It's a bit trippy, and there's a ton of pink. But you can judge whether it's for you through the commentated gameplay below.

I'll have more to say about STONE's gameplay in the coming days—I'm doing a hands-on preview later this afternoon. Should be fun for anyone walking past my desk in the office. Also, the full game launches next week on Steam for PC and Mac.


    so info on the systems it's coming out on as well as future release dates would be handy. /endscarcasm

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    Voice acting is a bit of a mixed bag and the slang feels a bit shoehorned. I kinda feel like it's trying a bit hard, but maybe that's just me.

      Without watching the video and reading your synopsis, i can gather its made by people who's only "ocker" accent they've heard is Steve Irwin and that episode of the Simpsons.

        To my ears, they sound Australian, just a bit forced/overacted. Or the script they’re working off is a bit stilted

        It’s probably not a game for me (I stopped playing point and click adventure games about 30 years ago ...) but I did smile at the character design and the overall look of the game.

        Yeah, it seems like they're Aussie, but are just throwing it over the top on purpose.

    The fact that the pads on the drumpad aren't aligned or the same size gives me the absolute SHITS.

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