Here's 24 Minutes From Thronebreaker, The Witcher-Gwent RPG

What exactly does Gwent look like when you recast it for a singleplayer RPG? Well, here's the first 24 minutes of Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales.

Thronebreaker uses an updated version of Gwent to resolve combat, but in between battles the player has an army, money and resources (gold, wood) to manage. You'll hit random encounters along the way, and there's some nice artwork and animations throughout.

You can watch the first 24 minutes of the game below from YouTube channel Entertainium below. It covers the first chunk of the game, including cut-scenes, early story battles, basic resource management and the mechanics outside of the Gwent gameplay.

It's not looking half bad — better than some might have suspected, I'd wager. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales launches on PC on October 23; the game hits PS4 and Xbox One on December 4.


    The game looks great and everything, but can we just stick to writing the date as: day/month/year?

    Since when did so many people start saying/writing it as: month/day? Just because Americans do it that strange, ass-backwards way it doesn't mean we should.

    Looks more like a strategy game than an RPG.

    Regardless, I'll skip this because of the Gwent element. Never liked it in Witcher 3 but at least I could skip it in that game. You can't skip it here as it's the central combat mechanic.

      I think i probably tripled my playtime on Witcher 3 because I kept logging in with the intention of knocking out a few story quests, and ended up spending 4 hours chasing down gwent cards.

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