Here’s A Chunk Of Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Gameplay

Here’s A Chunk Of Age Of Wonders: Planetfall Gameplay

Age of Wonders has always been a good Heroes of Might and Magic-esque fantasy romp. So what happens when that formula gets re-purposed for the sci-fi genre?

The first gameplay of Planetfall was streamed over the weekend, with publishers Paradox taking players through the initial commander and faction selection, first few turns, tech tree, and so on.

The gameplay is a little more reminiscent of Endless Legend, although Planetfall has added destructible cover and environments to the combat. As for combat: defenders will always go first, moving units in any order, followed by attackers moving their units in any order they choose.

You can check out 26 minutes of commentated gameplay below from the ParadoxExtra YouTube channel.

I’m liking the robopug and cyborgs so far. I’m just hoping Planetfall turns out a little better than Civilization: Beyond Earth when it comes to tactical sci-fi colonisation and strategy.

Planetfall is scheduled for release sometime next year.


  • I love the AOW series and I am looking forward to this, but i am cautious with how close it resembles a mod of AOW3 so far. They have a lot of room with the sci fi setting to really differentiate it from the AOW series, but I don’t see that yet. Hoping for the best.

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