Here's Persona 5 For $39.95

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Persona 5 has the kind of style that everyone should experience. Now, you can do so for a little bit cheaper.

The Ultimate edition of the gargantuan school/metaverse simulator is going for $39.95 on the PlayStation Store right now, which is about $10 or $20 cheaper than what local retailers are charging at the time of writing.

The snappy JRPG was a huge hit last year, and it's been one of our favourites as well. Putting all the excellent cosplay to one side, here's some of our beefier stories on various aspects of P5 over the last year:

Persona 5 Taught Me How To Be A Friend

“If you hold on life won’t change.” The television cut to black, plunging my house into near total darkness.

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My Beautiful, Perfect Child Deleted My 40-Hour Persona 5 Save

One minute my five-year-old was giggling along with the playful antics of Yooka-Laylee on the PlayStation 4. The next he was in Persona 5, erasing over 35 hours of Phantom thievery in the blink of an eye. It's the closest I've come to crying over a video game in years.

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Fine Art: The Art Of Persona 5

Persona 5 isn't just a fantastic video game, it's an absolute feast for the senses, with a strong, confident art style that runs from its character design all the way through to its menus.

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Tips For Playing Persona 5

Persona 5 is a really good game. It's also complicated and occasionally unforgiving, with a ton of rules to learn and systems to memorise. If you want to live your best possible year in Tokyo, you may want a little guidance.

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It might take you 80 or more hours to get through Persona 5, but it's worth it. If you're interested, head to the PSN store here or through your console for more info.


    which is about $10 or $20 cheaper than what local retailers are charging at the time of writing

    Not around here. Its still full price, assuming you can actually find it on the shelf at all. This week was the first copy I'd seen on a JB shelf since launch, and I haven't seen one on an EB shelf at all since then. The JB copy was still $80, a price I refuse to pay for a game over 18 months old.

    So might have to visit the PS Store over the weekend.

    showing $32.70 for me on psn with ps plus discount so even cheaper for this awesome jrpg

    I really want to play it but it’s such a time sink. I don’t want to play for 5 hours and never go back. It deserve more attention than I can give it

    To add, $39.95 is the ultimate edition with all the DLC, retail only have the standard edition

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