Here's The New Bumblebee Trailer

For those that haven't had their fill of the Transformers movies yet, here's the latest Bumblebee trailer.

Focusing on Bumblebee might result in a slightly less silly experience — compared to the previous Michael Bay efforts, anyway. There's some shots of other Autobots in the trailer, and Optimus Prime appears via hologram, but for the most part the focus is on how the yellow pseudo-Volkswagen fits into, and helps save, the human way of life.

Bumblebee hits Australian theatres December 20.


    I just had an emotional moment, no joke. Sitting here, seeing the actual Gen 1 designs, hearing Peter Cullen, seeing Optimus, THE REAL Optimus not the horrid Bay Optimus. I've loved Transformers since the very, very early 1980's and that, to me looked brilliant. Ramjet, Optimus, Bumblebee, Starscream... all of them. Wow. Just wow. Thank god Bay's only attached in name only, Travis Knight looks like he's done a brilliant job.

      Not to mention Soundwave + Ravage.

      Unfortunately most of those guys will likely only make brief appearances. The movie is about Bumblebee after all and I kinda wish it wasn't, because Bumblebee was one of the least interesting characters in the movie series to me.

        One of the things I remember reading about this, is they're hedging their bets both ways which I'm 'ok' with. IF Bumblebee is a big hit, they're using this to reboot the series, it'll basically be handed to Travis Knight to go forward with. The last two Transformers movies actually lost the studio a whole bundle of money. IF the movie is a flop, then it'll just sit there as a strange prequel that doesn't completely mesh due to the designs. Either way, I look forward to it :)

      Well shit, I just came here for the comments and didn't actually plan on watching it.

    The trailer makes the movie look interesting... But I've been burned too many times. I'll wait till a cheap Tuesday or some sort of cheap members deal to go see it. Don't want to waste full ticket money on another Transformers film.

    I assume those scenes are of cybertron... it's a such a shame it will probably just a be a footnote in a 2hr long movie because they honestly look very interesting

    Now THAT is how you do a god damn Soundwave. Not that piece of shit satellite thingy that Baysplosions did. What a terrible terrible waste of a glorious character.

    If they keep Bay away from this and do G1 some actual credit, this should do really well.

    if they stick to a serious mech robot action film and dont inject stupid comedy relief (like the parent's taking about about 'happy time' rubbish) then its already on a better course.

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