House Of Cards Killed Frank Underwood Off-Screen

House Of Cards Killed Frank Underwood Off-Screen

The allegations over Kevin Spacey and Netflix’s subsequent dumping of the actor meant the final season of House of Cards was always going to be in a tight spot. Now, we know what their answer was: just kill the character off mid-season.

A teaser for the final season, which drops November 2, was aired overnight by Netflix. The season was delayed following the sexual misconduct aired about Spacey last year, ultimately resulting in production of the show shutting down, and Netflix cutting ties with Spacey. House of Cards had already planned to end after the sixth season, as cast members have revealed in previous interviews.

The teaser showcases Spacey in a grave next to his father – rather than being interred in Arlington with previous presidents, or presidential libraries or museums – with Claire (Robin Wright), indicating that she would face a different fate.

The final season of House of Cards airs November 2.


  • House of Cards may have killed off Frank Underwood, but Kevin Spacey killed off House of Cards with his abhorrent off-screen behavior. Who is going to watch this final season? Not I.

    • Eh. If I liked house of cards I’d be more annoyed that the central character for 5 and a half seasons is killed off-screen.
      Kevin Spacey might have been inappropriate, but I can separate the last season of a show he is in, from his personal misdeeds.

    • because actor act out a chator on screen this doesn’t mean there the same person in real life, what do you do after work? do something i disagree with, i guess you should be fire for it????

  • Killed off screen? Considering the downward trajectory of the show Netflix should have went all in with a ‘Frank died on the way to his home planet’ message.

    • If they had the balls to do that in an otherwise serious show and never reference it again, that would be amazing.

  • While I wouldn’t be surprised if they kill him off off-screen, doesn’t this just show that he isn’t killed during the trailer?

  • I kinda lost interest mid season where Claire visits her dying mother, and other machinations are in foot.

    Unfortunately for the show, Claire is an incredibly boring (and some might say underdeveloped) characters. No real loss I guess.

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