How Many Emails Do You Get In A Day?

How Many Emails Do You Get In A Day?

For this week’s Off Topic, let’s tackle one of the most aggravating aspects of the work day: emails.

I remember, not that long ago, our IT manager coming up to my desk to ask a question. I happened to have Outlook open, and it was in the middle of the week so Inbox ZeroTM wasn’t even close to happening at that point.

He leaned in, had a look, and asked me: how many emails did I get in a day? Over 100, I replied.

Apparently, that’s a lot. I know it’s not as many as some–Gizmodo editors can get twice that amount on busy days, from memory. It does explain why I’ve more or less given up on zeroing out my inbox though (although a good deal of that are alerts and things that can be parsed supremely quickly, like aggregator emails).

But what about yourselves? How busy do your work and personal inboxes get?


  • I’m not in a position of major responsibility at work so it’s only direct collaborators and company wide emails that I generally receive. On a busy day I might get 20 and on a quiet day it could be only half a dozen.

    Personal emails that ARE NOT advertising, purchase confirmation, spam, newsletters I’ve signed up for, social media notifcations etc, probably about 3 a day haha

  • I get helpdesk tickets to my email and any replies and updates from someone that is not me.

    It’s not my direct responsibility anymore but there are a few things that come through that cover my areas.

  • Not that many emails as most work business is done through Skype. Side note, I’ve been trying to convince them to move to Slack because the new Skype that forcibly kicked in on 1 Sep is garbage, but it’s hard to get momentum.

    • I’m with you there, I’m struggling to get my team to move from Hangouts to Hangouts Chat. ITS BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE AND YOU GET HISTORICAL SEARCHES.

      but i don’t like the interface it’s too harsh

  • Work emails can be a few dozen to over a hundred depending on the season, my mates and I use Telegram for our personal use so it’s not an issue.
    Most of the work emails can be parsed fairly quickly though – it’s just getting people to learn things like, “if you want a response *this minute* then call me, don’t email me”. Managing people’s expectations is the hardest part about the email thing. Otherwise most get a cursory glance and “filed”.

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