I Finally Figured Out Why I Didn’t Like Infinity War

I Finally Figured Out Why I Didn’t Like Infinity War
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Watching Avengers: Infinity War, I didn’t feel like I had before, during or after any Marvel film to date. Obviously, this was always going to be a tragic film. I’ve read the comics, I know the deal here. What I didn’t expect was just how traumatic it would be to sit through.

It’s been sometime now, but I’ve not been able to quite put my finger on why I found such a stunningly crafted, beautifully made film within a universe I adore so difficult to enjoy. It’s the only Marvel film I’ve watched just the once, and have no desire to revisit. It took this video from Mikey Neumann to really capture it. This. This is why.

Watch the whole thing before you yell at me on Twitter, thnx.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018) is not only the culmination of 18 movies, and a decade’s worth of build-up, it also turned out to be one of the most talked about films of the last decade. Not all of it good.

While Infinity War has a lot of good moments with character’s we’ve grown to love, there is also endless debate over the MCU’s treatment of the film’s protagonist, Thanos, and the arguable logic behind his goals. It left some audience members confused, hurt, and disappointed. Mikey explores why so many people had good reasons to feel this way.


  • Thoroughly disagree. In fact I found the whole video close to unwatchable. The whole abuse/love idea here only works if Thanos is shown as the hero, and shown that his ideals are accepted. At no point does the film do that. Sure the film is shown through his eyes, and to some of us, he is a sympathetic character… but that doesnt mean we agree with him, and deem his actions are ‘right’ , some of us are adults enough to understand even the worse people need to be understood. That is whats wrong with the world currently, everyone is so consumed with hating their enemy, and seeing them as thoroughly wrong, they never stop to think there is no right or wrong, just choices.

    As for the videos idea that the film is hopeless, is missing the point. None of the films in Marvel until this point ever really showed our heroes as losing. This film had to end with them totally backed into a corner, and being broken. Something like Empire Strikes back didnt become the legendary film that is by our heroes winning. It become legendary because they got their asses kicked, and them some. When that finished, like Infinity War, I didnt feel hopeless, or upset. I felt moved. Because that is how life is. The good guys dont always win and it is only we they are defeated do they really challenge themselves. I know the most powerful times I have felt is after defeat, when I dust off and regroup.

    the maker of this video seems to only want things wrapped up into a neat bow… what sort of lesson does that ultimately teach children. Nothing.

    Im glad Thanos kicked the Avengers butt, they needed that. The story needed that.

    • Absolutely agree with you. Cannot stand the video. The guy utterly missed the point of the film and completely misunderstands Thanos and the idea of him being the “mad titan”.

      • Not just that but his argument about killing half the population and only resetting 4000 years is stupid. He’s only taking into account Earth’s population and just looking at it in a vacuum. Thanos destroyed 50% of ALL lift across the WHOLE universe, not just 50% of the humans on Earth. Stupid argument is stupid.

    • …some of us are adults enough to understand even the worse people need to be understood.

      This is the hardest thing. It takes empathy for those we don’t feel deserve it because of the harm their actions or stances have caused. And I’m reminded I should probably do it more.

    • He admitted that he left more than a few times to “go to the toilet”, no wonder he missed the point.

      Hell I couldn’t even be bothered finishing this guys video. So I may have missed this, but, he seems to be looking at Thanos as a sane and rational being, when he is not. I mean, if he was, you’d think that the logic thing to do would be to, I don’t know… not kill half the population of the universe. I could think of a few different ways to solve the whole “finite resources” issue, if I had the gauntlet.

      To any sane and rational person, abuse =/= love. But to someone who is twisted and delusional, what they believe to be love, can manifest it in many ways. Have a look at some stalkers, they actually believe and feel, what they think is genuine love for the people they stalk, yet any sane person can see that it is not. If, what Thanos believed that what he was feeling was love, for Gamora, that’d be enough for the soul stone. Similar to how people can tell themselves a lie so much, that it actually becomes truth to them. If that makes sense.

      As @Weresmurf said. he clearly doesn’t understand the idea of Thanos as a “mad titan”

    • Well said. i freakin loved that a movie finally had the balls to let the bad guy win, even if its only for part one of a 2 part movie 😉

      Thanos is one twisted bad dude but what an amazing character. Honestly, hes what made the movie so awesome.

    • Can I agree with you on this!!!
      I dont know what movie he was watching, but this is a 2 parter, Im glad it ended how it did, Thanos was so determined on his mission, and knew how to achieve this goal, no one was going to stop him because no one knew how to.
      We don’t need them tied up all happy for the sake of the children, its grounding to have them end the way it did.
      Will await the sequel for the (inevitable happy ending) but for now, i’ll enjoy knowing he achieved his goal (even though I’m sure we’re watching the 1 in 14 million outcomes that worked in Strange’s visions)

    • Yep. Can’t watch any more of the vid. The ‘Abuse = Love’ thing was the kicker. And, the other side of it, is that this is only part 1 of 2 parts. Where only HALFWAY through this story, which is the real kicker to the whole thing.

  • The issue with avengers is it is a series of characters doing insanely stupid things to justify setting up various flashy fights.
    It’s like every hero can’t see the bigger picture and do stupid things. I.e. not killing Vision, Starlord ruining everything.

  • I can somewhat see where he’s coming from. The failings of the movie weren’t in terms of narrative but of messaging. It’s understandable that Thanos’s can both abuse his daughters and love them (In his own way), but it’s an uncomfortable message to associate abuse with love in a wider context.

    I do think he was wrong about Peter Quill, who did eventually man up and kill Gamora as she’d asked him to – or try to. The part where becomes completely enraged and spoils their efforts to take Thanos’s gauntlet off him was in character and doesn’t necessarily belie his growth.

    The real mystery is why Strange didn’t tell him that Gamora was dead ahead of time to forestall his rage episode – he should have known since he was scanning all the futures and the fact that he didn’t meant that Thanos’s victory was a part of his “one path to victory” – that the endgame they were entering was Strange’s endgame, and not Thanos’s.

    • The real mystery is why Strange didn’t tell him that Gamora was dead ahead of time to forestall his rage episode – he should have known since he was scanning all the futures and the fact that he didn’t meant that Thanos’s victory was a part of his “one path to victory” – that the endgame they were entering was Strange’s endgame, and not Thanos’s.

      I reached the same conclusion. I’m guessing that Strange’s parting apology to Stark (“This was the only way,”) means that you’re right – he saw it all play out this way, including the fatal finger-snap, and he saw that this had to happen in order to trigger whatever events occur in the next movie to end the threat Thanos poses for good instead of merely postponing it.

  • Thanos argument is that planets have finite resources and cannot sustain life infinitely.. But, if Thanos has the infinity gauntlet and power over all creation, why not just double the resources of every planet? Then you don’t have to kill anyone…

    • He cant. It doesnt work like that.
      The infinity gauntlet doesnt really create, it just has the power of what IS created.
      And even if he could create with it, he would have to keep on creating til he died and part of his plan is to rest, hence the final scene of the film.

      • There are effectively unlimited planets out there that are uninhabitable. If he’s just using whats already created, he could use those resources to prop up the resources of the inhabited planets.

        Jupiter for example is 1300 times the mass of Earth. That’s a lot of resources in a single planet that could prop us up for millenia. There are enough resources that he could divert a tiny portion and find other ways to solve the problem.

        Plus, not every inhabited planet is going to be overpopulated and a strain on resources. We’ve only just reached that point relatively recently. We’ve also only scratched the surface of how much resources this planet could give, so whether we’re a strain or not is a matter of perspective..

        Thanos goes down a singular path, with no consideration for alternative options. They ARE there, he’s just dismissed them through believing theres only one option. One of the signs of his insanity, but not clearly presented.

        The only flaw in the movie, if it is one, is that they didn’t do enough to show how twisted Thanos is. Compare his role to Samuel L Jackson in Kingsman. Basically wanted to do the same thing as Thanos, wiping out a big chunk of the population to reduce our impact on the planet.

        You were left with no uncertainty to how messed up Valentine was, and even if you understood his reasons, you weren’t going to be unboard with the solution. I’m not sure they got that across with Thanos, unless you were heavily invested in the Marvel ‘verse, and Thanos’ backstory.

        And if you don’t understand how mad Thanos is, the rest of the movie starts to unfold a little.

  • I wasn’t a huge fan of the movie because I thought it was rushed – yes I know that sounds crazy for such a long movie but I really think they tried to squeeze way to much into it – it would of been far better to leave some of it for the next movie.
    It was longer than it should of been, but still skipped important plot related scenes and made it far too easy for Thanos to get all the stones in the space of one movie.

    There was also the little thing about Dr Strange seeing all possible outcomes of the battle but doesn’t stop Starlord screwing it up…
    Not a huge fan of using Captain Marvel as a giant hail mary for the next movie either, but time will tell how it plays out.

  • I Finally Figured Out Why I Didn’t Like Infinity War
    By watching a video someone else made on youtube and then posting those views as your own.

    In future can you guys please put a tag on articles that are basically just links? This kinda seems like you’re using other peoples’ work to get ad revenue – correctly attributed admittedly – but still…

  • i found the guys analysis interesting, it’s not how i saw the movie at all, but good see it from another angle.

    i disagree somewhat. what pisses me off is that parents still take kids to these movies which have a lot of adult themes that need navigating using a mature, learnt, empathetic, sympathetic and most importantly, a grounded mind that can differentiate the themes from reality.

    and i feel that those who were disturbed by the abuse themes are possibly hypersensitive to it due to abuse in their own lives in some form or the other. there is nothing wrong with that, and like the guy mentions in his video, different people take different things from the movie.

    it is what it is. i personally enjoyed the movie and was definitely gaga over all the action and character interactions after years of seeing ALL the movies. i just had a big nerd reaction that i enjoyed.

    i thought they did a great job making Thanos the protagonist of the film and they gave him way more depth than i ever thought they would, it was different, and i enjoyed that difference and the time they spent filling us in on his character.

    i understand Rae probably has been wrestling with the movie like she said, so when you see something that explains how you are feeling, that you haven’t been able to explain yourself, sometime its helpful to use other sources to do it. it’s not traditional journalism, but it doesn’t make her feelings about the topic invalid. everyone is human here and we all experience and interpret things through our own lenses forged by experience and that’s what we need to remember.

  • i was gonna say the only thing i didnt like was starlord stuffing up the plan. but to be honest i loved it i was tense and yelling at him. i mean the scene was amazing but i didnt like starlord right at that moment.

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